Thursday, January 20, 2011


After one stupid upgrade I did 2 years ago, I've been unable to play downloaded games into my PSP (FW 6.20) all for the sake of playing Tekken 6.

2 years + 600 for a 2nd hand Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection UMD + 600 for yet another PSP modification +  more money spent in arcades ..... I can finally train with the new moves !?

My T5 fighting style isn't as effective in T6 especially with Lili. Two of her moves have been taken out, damaged has been reduced, speed has been reduced, a bound move + parrying kicks acts like bound moves = almost infinite juggles. Grrr !!!

Masaya na ako ulit ^^


  1. huwaw :) gamer ka rin pala. ahaha. i've always loved tekken.

  2. May movie na yang tekken and i used to play that game before

  3. Yeah pinanuod ko yung movie, gwapo ni Jin ^^

    Sumali ako sa Tekken tournament (small time lang) para sa movie tickets pero dahil wala naman akong date, pinamigay ko na lang yung isa

  4. i'm planning to purchase one, should I?

  5. @ Alter - Ok naman sakin ang PSP. Aside from games, it also plays MP3 files and I use it with my self study Mandarin course ^^

    Pwede ka rin mag surf ng net, make calls via Skype, watch movies, and read comics