Sunday, January 23, 2011

How to Deal

Found this archived on my inbox, transcript sent from Planet Romeo

01. Nov. 2010 - 01:43
hi.. am julian... i dont know whats the social protocol here but am given to understand the traditional friend making paradigm but i dont know how to express any social am going to take a stab here... would you mind if i get your number? and your name? ym? thanks

01. Nov. 2010 - 01:45
Trying to be cute?
Hi would suffice.
Seth here.

01. Nov. 2010 - 01:50
hi seth... am not trying to be cute, i believe that social convention dictates that proper introduction is to be observed particularly if we examine the chain of casuality. but no matter.. do you mind if i get your ym id perhaps?

01. Nov. 2010 - 01:51
you're too verbose.
what is this all about?
"chain of casuality" ???

01. Nov. 2010 - 01:56
agreed, but i think its necessary.. anyway.... ill play along... pede makuha ym mo?

01. Nov. 2010 - 01:59


  1. natawa ako sa kanya. and i love your flat answer. ahaha. keep it up :) am so proud of you seth :)

  2. there's such a thing as being verbose, but this is word-vommit! :p

  3. ahaha you should have entertained him, it's a departure from just the "hi" or "hope we can be friends" BS from sites like those ahahaha

    pero,pero wafu ba naman ito? or he's compensating his looks with his brains? lolz

    bff, di ito word-vomit lang.. dictionary-diarrhoea itey

    potek haba ng comment ko, nahawa akey kay julian ahahaha

  4. yeah maybe compensating lack of looks with brains...