Tuesday, January 4, 2011

first failure

Damn. I'm so rupok.

I know. I know. I DID promise it. I tried to work it out. 

I failed.

Last sex I had was on the 24th of December. I told myself, ok, that'll be the last... The sooner I start, the better since I was going to be on a three month streak.

I tried reading books. Kept me distracted a while.

I tried working on my Tekken skills, saying to myself, "I'm gonna crush and punish all 40 characters using Lili and Lili alone!?"

The regular gym schedule resumed, I tried to go back to my usual cardio routine, 2-3 hours a day, for 4-5x a week.

At the end of the day, six rounds of masturbation later, I'm still frickin' horny.

I can't stand it!? I'm a bottom guy!? My pleasure spot isn't in my dong !!! There are parts of my body that feels good and I can't reach it alone!

So... I gave in to the voices in my pants... I logged on to PR and not too long I'm already sharing the bed with two guys.


Try again. 



  1. mahirap po if you are going to do it alone. you were right dun sa isa mong post. someone should take care of you, i mean someone who'd be accountable enough to say that it's enough...

    hehe. my friend, the road to chastity does not bear fruit overnight :) keep on trying and just stick to it :)

  2. wag kang susuko! XD whooh! kaya mu yan!

  3. @ Nowitzki - Hmmm I actually need someone to run to or talk to when I feel like I'm hearing voices in my pants hehehe! Someone who'll have faith in me and encourage me to keep going. Works just the same like in Alcoholics Anonymous groups

    @Dovan - PR stands for Planet Romeo/Gay Romeo/Guys4men

  4. hwag mong buksan yang site na yan para malayo ka sa tukso at tawag ng laman

  5. @ Hard - I might have to try toys soon though I'm not really open with the idea of sticking a dildo inside of me, yet.

  6. i agree with hardtoget... hehe. iwasan mu yung mga ganung sites na matutukso ka.

    if you're a Catholic... well you might wanna see Courage Philippines.
    suggestion lang naman. hehe. wag mong isipin na may ini-impose akong religious views :)

  7. two guys at the same time or two guys, one after the other? just clarifying.

    re: toys, nothing beats the real thing. trust me. i know.

  8. two guys at the same time >:)