Monday, January 24, 2011

Just Face it

I was having a nice dinner alone at a restaurant when I overheard a group of college girls chatting:

"Buti pa yung mga bakla nagkakaboyfriend... ang gugwapo pa? Buti pa sila !!!"

"Oo nga, sa college natin yung mga gwapo either taken na or bakla..."

Natatawa na lang ako.

Kayu-kayo na lang din sa isip ko. hihi


  1. it's actually a suggestion i gave a girl-friend of mine who shared the same observation about guys hahaha

  2. Hahaha! Promoting lesbianism!

    Go Girls!

  3. hahaha corrected by. sometimes guys like us, andami nating drama sa buhay, but come to think of it, we are much luckier than some girls out there - nagkakaboyfriend tayo, while most of them can only dream about it. lols bitter much.

  4. ALL - Honestly, Im not THAT happy na andaming goodlooking guys na goes for guys din. I mean, sayang ang genes!?

    We still need an egg and a sperm to form one gay guy for the next generation to consume. Chos!

  5. regarding the genes, pwede naman mag-in vitro fertilizaton. char!