Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On crushes.

I can't sleep. Right now I'm staying with my folks in Rizal, honoring my mother my rare presence to see me share the dining table once more,  kissing her hand when she arrives from work, asking what goodies she got along the way, tucking me into bed to make sure my feet aren't cold. Yeah, I'm the eldest and 26 years old and she still likes doing such stuff for me when she gets the chance ^^

Aaaaaanyway, I would've stayed longer here if I could. It actually deters me from boys. Why? I don't know that many people here at all. I seldom go out of the house and mingle. Why? My father finds it quite embarrassing that I'm "gay", but that's another story.  I don't even know what our neighbor's name is? I just know them by face. I used to dislike Rizal though especially when I was younger. I didn't know that many boys whom I find goodlooking and much more to find boys who also likes boys? LOL

There did used to be a time when I actually had "wholesome" thoughts about boys and having, ehem, crushes. 

It didn't matter to me back then if I could get a chance to stare at the bulge in their shorts/pants, wondering about stuff like:

does he have a bigger dick or bigger balls?
mas malaki kaya yung ulo kesa sa shaft?
does he trim or shave? does he have a treasure trail?
maugat kaya?
sana mabango?
sana matagal siyang labasan. LOL

Everything was simple back then. I was invisible at most. Watching them grace my day was enough even for a glance. Passing by in front of me would be enough to make me blush. That's it. Only when I find a secure spot would I jump and be bouncing off the walls in delight and, ehem, squeal. LOL

So you're probably thinking by now : "Yeah right. Sixty guys plus guys (documented) in 2010 alone..."

But the thing is... if I really really really like a person. I don't imagine myself getting naked with them at all.

I'm just a silent witness of your life. I notice the small changes. I share your triumphs and downfalls even if I'm just at a distance.

Sure there are plenty of goodlooking guys. Choose a spot at Gateway, especially after a DLSU and Ateneo game and you're sure to have a treat ^^

So I decided... for the next couple of days maybe I should talk about my "favorite" crushes. Hihihi

I'll include pics of course para makarelate naman readers ko :)

To talk about boys na di masyadong bastos..... ehehehe


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  1. that's the spirit :) ipagpatuloy mu lang yan. hinde sya madali pero don't worry. hehe. i'll tag along :)