Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Yung totoo

Paano naman kaya ako nahahanap ng mga straight guys na ito:

Nakakaloka ang keywords ha.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Friday, October 24, 2014

A book and some movies.

Whenever I get bored but I don't necessarily wish to spend money or meet people. I usually find comfort keeping the room to myself and my own devices. I went through my stuff and found these: movie tickets and a stranger's journal I bought in Baguio ukay ukay.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


fan mail.

"Di ako mahilig magbasa ng blog pero nangyari, di inaasahang nakita ko ang blog mo tungkol kay "Mark"? Nagkainteres ako sayo di dahil sa kung ano' pero dahil sa likod ng kwento mo may pagka-misteryo. Gusto sana kitang makilala, di man sa personal' kahit dito sa social media.. ako nga pala si D, di ko alam kung paghanga ito o maling awa! Sana makilala kita."

search sa Facebook...

uhm... mukhang straight.

This is the second straight dude this month.

Thank you sa pagpapakilig sakin. Husayan nyo pa :)

- Seth

Monday, October 13, 2014

French Seth - Part 2

So there I was, armed and ready to enrol at Alliance Francais de Manille. I picked the start date and made the deposit. Joms wanted to pitch in as well and he offered to pay for my books which costed 2000 PHP. God. It better be worth it!

My class starts at 9am. After ending my shift around 5am, I snoozed a little bit before braving the horrendous early morning rush hour traffic. Adrenaline kept me awake as this was going to be my very first formal class. It was a good thing I kept enough sunshine in my pocket because oh boy, I needed it.

After finally finding the school building, I proceeded to the reception to but the books. The lady in the counter wasn't in the mood. She barely smiled. She sounded just as cold and irritated over the phone. I paid for the books and everything but she got my class and the schedule incorrectly. I got to the room, tried to fix my stuff, and the teacher arrived. A tall lanky woman named Ninon. 

"Bonjour! Je m'appelle Ninon, comment t'appelles tu?"
(Hello! My name is Ninon, what's your's?)

"Je m'appelle Seth."

(Nice to meet you)

Ok. First day. Typical. We were 10 in the room and we went around in circles trying to repeat the lines. I was confident of course, I knew these phrases long before but I was patient. I had three hours to savor this twice a week.

...then the late comers started arriving one by one and we had to do the same routine all over again... until we had completed the class of 20... after an hour.

Unlimited? Sukang suka nako sa je m'appelle. Shutangina.

I found out that most of my classmates were nurses bound for Quebec. When they asked me why I enrolled, mine was simple, "libangan? Guso ko lang."

Over the next few days my bright and shiny disposition slowly dissipated. I was getting frustrated.

  1. The teacher had poor class control. Students tend to manipulate her attention to their own personal curiosity which is not really relevant at the time. Most people wanted to learn everything all at once and it got more complicated for them upon hearing that French has words with masculine and feminine forms. "How do you pronounce it? How do you write it? Why does the c have a small tail on it and now it sounds like an S?"
  2. Everything on the book is in French. No translations. Zero. How can I self study with this expensive crap? In addition, there is barely any introduction to grammar rules before answering the activity book. We pretty much spend an entire session just answering the book wherein the instructions are unclear. A1 remember? Beginner level.
  3. Charades. I hate charades. Why does this teacher have very poor English comprehension and is she expecting that we keep up with her at all?
Ecounter (listen), she points to her ear

Repeter (repeat), she says the same thing twice

Escrive (write), she opens he palm and draws

Are you fucking kidding me? This is not what I paid for.

I actually missed almost 5 sessions. I easily got bored. Joms and I went on a holiday, plus after changing companies, it proved challenging enough to commute to McKinley hill. After the schedule became favorable to attend the classes once more, I literally slept in the office with a towel and a change of clothes since it would be impractical to go back and forth to Cubao.

When I came back, they were only at page 20. The last time I checked we only finished page 15. One page a day for 3 hours? I asked another professor. A Filipino teacher. He explained that the A1 class I paid for was only for 3 modules good for 56 hours in total. In order to finish the entire A1 I need to finish 20 fucking modules. 

Nakaka tatlo pa lang pala ako at di ko pa kaya gumawa ng sarili kong sentences kung ito lang ginagamit ko?

I pity the nurses. Some of them had the same misconception they'd be prepared somewhat after a 56 hour crash course to meet their employer for a local interview. Good luck answering "tell me something about yourself -- in French."

a suivre (to be continued...)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Picture o Panulat?

10% read my blog because of my butt. LOL


French Seth - Part 1

It took me some time before I finally decided which language I wanted to study. I remember when I was in high school, I borrowed an instructional CD on French and back then it was one of the latest for you could listen to the pronunciation and then record your own voice to see if you managed to mimic it. I never got past "bonjour" and "comment allez-vous" though.

Fast forward to my mid 20s, someone suggested I try Chinese Mandarin since I did ran a small online business. I borrowed materials from a library, bought whatever I found in ukays, and enrolled myself in a small class. The only phrase that lingered with me was "xiexie."

I worked as an English instructor for a Korean company but I never really fell in love with their language. I didn't like the intonation. Well, their actors were very cute but working with them proved a little challenging especially when it comes to seniority.

Years passed and I set aside that dream. Besides, finding the right class and the right material proved difficult enough, what more to have someone to practice with? 

One day, it came to me that I might really have an affinity with French. I like the way it felt on my lips and tongue and I never really struggled with the pronunciation once I heard it clearly. Looking back, I did happen to like a lot of French stuff:

  1. Beauty and the Beast was set in France.
  2. I tend to collect Eiffel towers.
  3. Lili is from Monaco and she speaks French!

I really wanted to get into French school but I wanted to start off the cheapest way possible so I could maximize the classes  :3 

I found that the Pimsleur program worked well for me and I managed to reach Lesson 9 during my daily commute to work. I also used Duolingo for reading and writing.

I started a special saving tactic in order to come up with the tuition for my class...

I collected bills with insignia and told myself to never spend them until I came up with the right amount to fund my schooling.

à suivre (to be continued...)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

I see dead people (on Facebook)

I am quite ambivalent to this. 

There were several folks who died and their profiles are still active up to this point.

So what happens after you're gone? Does it serve like an online tombstone? The last remaining photos of you, your thoughts, your shared sentiments archived online?

Is this how we wish to be remembered?

When the time comes, I do hope that people speak of me because of the good I did back then.

Monday, August 25, 2014

3 Little Angels

I knew something wasn't right. Khaleesi looked at me with unequally opened eyes. She was lethargic and weak. I'm sure I left enough food and water for all of them before we left for the flight to Boracay.

As soon as we came back I checked up on her. Only 6 ran to greet me. She was curled up in a corner. I splashed water to see a response. None. I cried in Jom's arms. It was late, I had to get some sleep. 

"Wala na si Khaleesi?"

As if Jom's could provide me a more favorable answer and I burst into tears again.

That morning, I picked an empty shoebox and some garbage bags. I donned gloves.

"Khaleesi..." I called to her. I was still in denial she might just be sleeping. 

My eyes began to swell again as I picked up her small body. She had a distinct bark. She was the fiercest amongst the 4. We were there when they were born. They weren't given to us, we didn't bought them. They were ours. Born and raised in our condo. We watched as they nursed, until they opened their eyes, started walking, and the chaos that ensued when it was time to feed.

I always looked forward to that every time I came home from work. There were days I even lost sleep because of their barking.

I buried her on the same yard as Donut. I gave my last goodbye.

"There's more dog food in heaven." I told her.

I thought the rest were ok. Maybe she ate something bad? 

The next morning Arya and Tyrion seemed lethargic too.

It seemed all too familiar. Parvo. Again. The same virus that killed Donut.

But they never went out? They're barely outside. We haven't even used the cute leashes to take a stroll at night.

I cried. I knew well how this would end. A trip to the vet would sound wise but then once the symptoms set in there's no recovery. I've depleted my resources from the trip and I couldn't afford this.

Just before Jom's left for work, he bade them goodbye.

That same night, Tyrion died. Blood oozing out of his anus. Parvo is that fatal.

Cersei was still wagging her tail that afternoon. She seemed the strongest so I decided to isolate her and feed her vitamins. Soon after she started vomiting. Oh no...

She died in her sleep. I was stroking her fur and she stopped breathing. She was grunting in pain. I took out my old stethoscope. No heartbeat.

Arya seems ok for now but I don't know for how long. 

My eyes swell of tears and I have yet to bury two little bodies in the morning.

I have a French class and a contract to sign for the new company. It seems absurd to dismiss these over puppies but they mean so much to me.

I won't take for granted vaccines ever again. 

I pray I won't have to bury more puppies in the future.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Star Crossed - Part 2

I was getting tired of cruising. Nobody particularly appealing to my craving that night. Then I saw this guy being ganged up on by a gaggle of geese, pinching his nips and trying to grab his crotch. I guess he might be new to the scene and this is how predators gather around prey. I've been bullied before and now that I'm big and buff I'm sure I can thwart them off.

I grabbed him by the arm and pulled him away and behind me.

Seth: "Di mo ba nakikitang ayaw nya sayo?"

Goose: "Bakit ka ba nakikialam?"

Seth: *assumes pose*

Goose: "hmpf. fine."

Seth: Madali naman palang kausap.

...and so I pulled him away, and we got to a dimly lit spot and got to see his face... I'm sure I've seen him somewhere I just couldn't recall. 

"Thanks for saving me ah? First time ko kasi dito and I came with a friend but he must be busy somewhere".

"No problem. I just didn't like how they were treating you. Sige I'll go na..."

"Uhm, .... wait, can't you stay a little bit? Baka sila bumalik..."

"Hmmm.... alright."

"Maybe we should go inside, talk maybe?"

But of course the conversation led to something else. Good thing he turns out to be versa top and was willing to return the favor for being "saved". He was so turned on that when he was about to climax I told him to cum on my chest. And he did. Globs and globs of white sticky cum. Normally, when a couple leaves a room one of them comes out and it takes a few minutes before the other leaves. Not this time. I didn't wipe it off. I wrapped my towel and walked with pride, cum stained and all.

I happened to catch the darling of the crowd.

It almost sounded like there was cheering in the background and someone even made a slow clap.

In as much as I would like to keep my dripping trophy, of course I had to shower off. We traded numbers to keep in touch. 

He was about to leave when he noticed something was missing.

"I couldn't find my ring"

"What does it look like?"

"It's a dragon shaped like a ring. Someone gave it to me..."

Normally, I wouldn't care. I already had my fill for the night. But then we stayed for almost two more hours and it was almost closing, trying to scour the pebbled floor with a flashlight.

He gave up eventually.

"Thanks for the help. It was probably my fault it got lost anyway?"

"No problem. I'm sorry that it meant so much to you (let's fuck again soon?)"

"That's alright I guess. Shit happens. By the way I didn't get your name?"

"I'm Seth, and you?"

"I'm JV."

As soon as I came home I looked him up online. 

I guess working out at the gym did eventually paid off when you got to sleep with your all time crush?

to be continued...

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Star Crossed

There was this couple whom I once looked up to but I never really found out what happened to them afterwards. As with many same sex couples (especially guys), reaching an anniversary alone would mean a huge accomplishment. Such is the story of DB and JV.

Circa 2000, they were pretty much celebrities on PR and Manjam.

DB then was one of the elite and most sought after profiles online. He's got average height, an angelic face, fair skin, and a rockin' body. His photos always flaunted that smirk and his biceps. These are the kinds of guys that no mere Cubao power bottom could conquer. JV on the other hand, is equally attractive but much taller, a rather animated face, moreno skin that goes with an average bod. I used to message him but never received any response. 

I never got to meet either of them until one lucky night at the bath house...

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Confessions #1

I like women's shoes. There I said it. I like it so much that when I see someone pretty I also check out the shoes they're wearing. 

At a mall, I love window shopping for women's shoes... and I educated myself on the varieties ...

I love the sound they make especially in a marble floor...

I like how it makes the wearer look much taller and .... they make my calves look good? haha

What deters me is the fear of bunions as a side effect of long term use LOL
and I can't stand it when my feet hurt.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wassup Seth?

Ang tagal ko din palang hindi nagsulat? hehehe. Ngayun na day off ko na at wala naman akong take home na trabaho, naisipan kong magsulat.

I was loving my job until recently, I had one major disappointment.

I work as a Quality Analyst for a BPO in Eastwood. I used to work in Makati but then I clashed with a Supervisor who was in a romantic relationship with the Manager and I opted to resign.

I thought I finally found a place where I could grow, where my initiatives would eventually be streamlined into a permanent process and I was pretty much doing that. I assumed higher level ad hocs and I given two major awards before my regularization.

Then an opening for a Senior QA was opened, and since it was "open to all" I assumed all the hard work I invested in months before would be taken into account. I was already performing the task long before the post opened and I have proven that I could do it. It would just seem practical to make it official and since it was open to all, tenure shouldn't have been an issue.

I knew I did well on the interview. I prepared for it.

But alas, it was all for formality as there were already people who were appointed and the interview process was just a facade.

Yes, I felt bitter. I cried. I was disappointed. I felt betrayed.

I spent so much time in the office and even in my sleep I kept thinking of work despite my rest days.

What I received shortly after the email announcement of the promotion, I was ought to be the POC of a certain division and share the ranks of the old and new Seniors.

WHAT THE FUCK. I would've felt honored if I hadn't applied, but I did so why should I assume a task for a position I wasn't "qualified" for? It felt like adding insult to injury.

So right now, I'm taking my sweet time doing the basic work.

In a few months I'll be earning a year of tenure.

I might consider switching companies, yet again.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Humabol pa si Dara for Mother's Day! LOL

The litter: 1 white = Khaleesi, 1 black = Arya , 1 Dark brown = Cersei, 1 Light brown = Tyrion.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Kailangan ko ng ..... Textmate?

Seriously. Hindi ko alam paano uubusin.

Update: June 2

May textmate na sana ako, kaso straight daw siya at girl ang hanap? hahaha

Monday, April 21, 2014

Been there. Did him.

I'm not really sure what the deal is but I can't seem to get comfortable enough when Joms speaks of his past fucks.

We certainly do it often, about 3x a week, now that my usual health has returned and all that.

Whenever we're together and suddenly he'd point out that the guy he used to fuck lived on that area, or when a common friend seemed to have met the same guy and described him exactly as he recalls it.

Is this reminiscing or what?

He tells me "I'm just making you aware... aware of what exactly?"

Earlier we were in a badminton court, he joined a birthday party/tournament and met up some old friends. He played while I was in a corner with my books. Not really interested in sweating more than whats necessary in an already scorching weather.

"Ayy thats Emma ... he used to ...." while pointing out to this short dude with somewhat a dry husky voice.

At the back of my head, I'm trying to understand... "Do I really need to know that?".

Is this some sort of an insinuation perhaps since I did start to gain some weight recently?

Do I really need to see the face of the person behind the story?

Not to mention I scrubbed the walls a few months ago because I found it unsightly to see my handprints on the wall during the time I was christening almost every single corner of my condo and so much more.

It feels like competition. But why do I need to compete for something I already own to begin with?

I don't know. Maybe I'd figure it out soon.

Or should I go into the juicy details every time I recall a past tryst.

But that could be pretty dangerous since I tend to indulge in group fun then.

Oh boy.

Friday, April 18, 2014


While I have written about my sexcapades and guys whom I had terrible dates with and I also wrote about David who was the second love of my life... every now and then I tend to obsess about a few souls who crossed my path and I wonder what had happened to them?

TJ for instance. I can't even recall how his name was spelled and Facebook wasn't much of help at all. I tried : Teejay, T.J. , TJ, Timothy James, Timothy John. Punyeta lang.

I even reached out to old childhood friends who still lived in our old neighborhood but none of them except me seemed to even recall who TJ was. So what was so fucking special about this guy anyway?

Well, it all started when I was 10 I think. I had been the master of manipulation ever since and when I'm bored, I call the shots, make up the rules of the game. This time, we were going to "shoot" a film. Snow White.

It was me, TJ and a tomboyish girl who would refuse to play princess. Of course, I knew from the very start she'd be against the idea, so I had to give in, and TJ being this crazy funny guy agreed to be the prince.

Fast forward to the most important scene of the story, I just wanted to know how it felt like to kiss a boy? I haven't even gone as far as torrid kissing, but after being smothered in soaps and chick flicks I was determined to end my curiosity.

We were giggling about it at first. My prince a little hesistant on what he was about to commit to. But he did it anyway. It was gentle, no tongue, eyes closed. We both jumped from our makeshift bed and I ran home smiling. I kinda liked it.

The next day was the weird part.

TJ came over at my house with a naughty smirk on his face.

"Seth, about last night... can we do it again?"

Kill. Me. Now.

I can't recall how I reacted but I must've dismissed the idea. Besides, we were 10. I don't think I even had an erection then?

So now, I can't find TJ at all. 

I kept thinking. What does he look like now? Did he turn out to be straight?

I don't know. Soon, maybe soon. I'll again end that curiosity once I visit their old place.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Pocket sized Happiness

Here are small quips we have on an average day:

*Habang kumakain sa foodcourt*

Seth: *sings* Do you wanna build a snowmaaaaaan?
Joms: *sings* Wala naman ditong snooooow?
Seth: yung halu halo mo saka itong buko shake!

hihihi :3

*Sa Home section ng mall naghahanap ng upuan*

Seth << naghahanap ng comfortable na matibay na space saving
Joms << dumampot ng folding chair, hawak yung 2 paa.

Joms: "Munch! Anu ito?"
Seth: "Di ko gets."
Joms: "Pang WWF."
Seth: "Mukha naman matibay. Boss, penge new stocks!"

*Habang nasa shower ako*

Joms: "Munch, panu pag kunwari pagkagising mo, dream lang pala itong last 2 years, pag nagising ka na anu gagawin mo?"

Seth: "Maiiyak siguro ako, but I will be happy."

Joms: "Di mo ako hahanapin o pupursue?"

Seth: "Hindi. Bakit? Hindi mo ako kilala. Hindi rin naman kita hinanap. I wasn't expecting you. Besides, I never make the first move noh."

Joms: "Ayy parang di tulad ng sa movies ang sad naman?". *mukmok*

Seth: "Eh anu gusto mong gawin ko? Kumatok ako sa gate mo saka kantahan kita ng "I know you..... I walked with you once upooooon a dreaaaaam..."

hihihi :3

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Usapang Bastos

** sa Gmail. then gumana na din pala ang chat :)

Seth: o kamusta ka naman? off ko ngayun kaya may time akong magsulat hehehe

Geosef : Uy, tagal mong tahimik ah. *hahaha* Super busy lang? Oks naman si ako. Ikaw ba?

Seth: fabulous pa din. im suffering from facial pain due to sinusitis though. lack of blowjobs yata etiology. char

Geosef : Ay, lack of jaw exercise na yan! *hahaha!*  Visit a gym at mag-flex din kasi kapag may time. LOL 

Seth: sige nga may machine sa gym for the jaw aber?

Geosef : Sinabi ko bang "machine"? *hahahaha!* Usually, yung "equipment" ay makikita sa sauna. :)

Seth :  maipost nga itong status. hahahaha 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

I mishooo blog ko!

Ganun talaga. Naghibernate lang ako until matapus na ang Valentine's Day.