Thursday, January 6, 2011


I've been hearing so much about this "Maic's Gym" in Marikina that had soooo many hot guys most of which are commercial models so my buddies invited me there for a "trial" work out.

I, for one, don't use machines much. I lift free weights but that's about it. The reason I enrolled in Fitness First is because I liked the group classes.
Everything is pretty much ok. Good ventilation aka no airconditioning. Para nga naman pawisan ka nang husto. It helps. Nilalamok nga lang ako? hehehe Quite a handful of goodlooking guys. Not drop dead gorgeous though. We went there around 7pm because according to them, that's the time where "they all come out".

The people look damn serious though. Some even wearing a sauna suit while on the treadmill. Some guys check their muscles almost after every single set (showoff! pffft!)

... and just when I thought my buddies were just as serious with their routines, I noticed they were busy fumbling through their iTouch.... Aha!? Blow me down....err...right. I just learned about Grindr

How convenient. Gay profiles made mobile!? And it gives you an idea of the distance of each guy, an estimate as how proximate they are. Clever indeed.

Given the "status quo" of owning Mac gadgets (at least in the Philippine setting), well one can conclude that the crowd is a little more, ehem, upscale.

Hay! Of all the times I had to be broke and "chaste".

I rowed the hell out of my frustration. *sigh*


  1. Nice post. At least I can have an idea with the gym scene with your blog. I'm a gym virgin. T_T