Friday, January 16, 2015

Good Karma

After lunch, I accompanied a friend to withdraw from an ATM. The guy in front of us spilled coffee on his hands by accident. It was a good thing I brought tissues and gave it to him. 

A week afterwards, I was on my way home from a cramped train and I suddenly got a nosebleed. This usually tends to happen when I am too exhausted and I couldn't bear the humidity. I pinched my nose to make it stop while using my free hand to find something to wipe myself. I don't carry a handkerchief and the only piece of cloth I have was a small piece used to clean my shades. 

The man in front of me noticed my predicament and offered his seat. A lady also offered her tissues and because of their help I managed to clean up. It was a good thing I didn't spill on my shirt or worse. 

I thanked them for their kindness and offered to take their name and number so I could make it up to them but they politely declined.

I am always grateful to the kindness of absolute strangers and my faith in humanity has been restored.