Monday, August 25, 2014

3 Little Angels

I knew something wasn't right. Khaleesi looked at me with unequally opened eyes. She was lethargic and weak. I'm sure I left enough food and water for all of them before we left for the flight to Boracay.

As soon as we came back I checked up on her. Only 6 ran to greet me. She was curled up in a corner. I splashed water to see a response. None. I cried in Jom's arms. It was late, I had to get some sleep. 

"Wala na si Khaleesi?"

As if Jom's could provide me a more favorable answer and I burst into tears again.

That morning, I picked an empty shoebox and some garbage bags. I donned gloves.

"Khaleesi..." I called to her. I was still in denial she might just be sleeping. 

My eyes began to swell again as I picked up her small body. She had a distinct bark. She was the fiercest amongst the 4. We were there when they were born. They weren't given to us, we didn't bought them. They were ours. Born and raised in our condo. We watched as they nursed, until they opened their eyes, started walking, and the chaos that ensued when it was time to feed.

I always looked forward to that every time I came home from work. There were days I even lost sleep because of their barking.

I buried her on the same yard as Donut. I gave my last goodbye.

"There's more dog food in heaven." I told her.

I thought the rest were ok. Maybe she ate something bad? 

The next morning Arya and Tyrion seemed lethargic too.

It seemed all too familiar. Parvo. Again. The same virus that killed Donut.

But they never went out? They're barely outside. We haven't even used the cute leashes to take a stroll at night.

I cried. I knew well how this would end. A trip to the vet would sound wise but then once the symptoms set in there's no recovery. I've depleted my resources from the trip and I couldn't afford this.

Just before Jom's left for work, he bade them goodbye.

That same night, Tyrion died. Blood oozing out of his anus. Parvo is that fatal.

Cersei was still wagging her tail that afternoon. She seemed the strongest so I decided to isolate her and feed her vitamins. Soon after she started vomiting. Oh no...

She died in her sleep. I was stroking her fur and she stopped breathing. She was grunting in pain. I took out my old stethoscope. No heartbeat.

Arya seems ok for now but I don't know for how long. 

My eyes swell of tears and I have yet to bury two little bodies in the morning.

I have a French class and a contract to sign for the new company. It seems absurd to dismiss these over puppies but they mean so much to me.

I won't take for granted vaccines ever again. 

I pray I won't have to bury more puppies in the future.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Star Crossed - Part 2

I was getting tired of cruising. Nobody particularly appealing to my craving that night. Then I saw this guy being ganged up on by a gaggle of geese, pinching his nips and trying to grab his crotch. I guess he might be new to the scene and this is how predators gather around prey. I've been bullied before and now that I'm big and buff I'm sure I can thwart them off.

I grabbed him by the arm and pulled him away and behind me.

Seth: "Di mo ba nakikitang ayaw nya sayo?"

Goose: "Bakit ka ba nakikialam?"

Seth: *assumes pose*

Goose: "hmpf. fine."

Seth: Madali naman palang kausap.

...and so I pulled him away, and we got to a dimly lit spot and got to see his face... I'm sure I've seen him somewhere I just couldn't recall. 

"Thanks for saving me ah? First time ko kasi dito and I came with a friend but he must be busy somewhere".

"No problem. I just didn't like how they were treating you. Sige I'll go na..."

"Uhm, .... wait, can't you stay a little bit? Baka sila bumalik..."

"Hmmm.... alright."

"Maybe we should go inside, talk maybe?"

But of course the conversation led to something else. Good thing he turns out to be versa top and was willing to return the favor for being "saved". He was so turned on that when he was about to climax I told him to cum on my chest. And he did. Globs and globs of white sticky cum. Normally, when a couple leaves a room one of them comes out and it takes a few minutes before the other leaves. Not this time. I didn't wipe it off. I wrapped my towel and walked with pride, cum stained and all.

I happened to catch the darling of the crowd.

It almost sounded like there was cheering in the background and someone even made a slow clap.

In as much as I would like to keep my dripping trophy, of course I had to shower off. We traded numbers to keep in touch. 

He was about to leave when he noticed something was missing.

"I couldn't find my ring"

"What does it look like?"

"It's a dragon shaped like a ring. Someone gave it to me..."

Normally, I wouldn't care. I already had my fill for the night. But then we stayed for almost two more hours and it was almost closing, trying to scour the pebbled floor with a flashlight.

He gave up eventually.

"Thanks for the help. It was probably my fault it got lost anyway?"

"No problem. I'm sorry that it meant so much to you (let's fuck again soon?)"

"That's alright I guess. Shit happens. By the way I didn't get your name?"

"I'm Seth, and you?"

"I'm JV."

As soon as I came home I looked him up online. 

I guess working out at the gym did eventually paid off when you got to sleep with your all time crush?

to be continued...

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Star Crossed

There was this couple whom I once looked up to but I never really found out what happened to them afterwards. As with many same sex couples (especially guys), reaching an anniversary alone would mean a huge accomplishment. Such is the story of DB and JV.

Circa 2000, they were pretty much celebrities on PR and Manjam.

DB then was one of the elite and most sought after profiles online. He's got average height, an angelic face, fair skin, and a rockin' body. His photos always flaunted that smirk and his biceps. These are the kinds of guys that no mere Cubao power bottom could conquer. JV on the other hand, is equally attractive but much taller, a rather animated face, moreno skin that goes with an average bod. I used to message him but never received any response. 

I never got to meet either of them until one lucky night at the bath house...