Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Hear ye hear ye

WHAT : Well I was thinking of setting up a mini gathering for bloggers and readers (aka EB or eyeball; OMG uso pa ba yung term na yun ngayun?)

WHY : Nothing really close to saving the world but of all the bloggers I have subscribed to like I only get updates like every 3 or so months. (What has social media done to us!?)


WHERE : QC area. Maginhawa or Tomas Morato

WHO : I have asked Sepsep and Vic Saudad, both have expressed interest

Vic wants to bring along Mamon...

then why not invite as many people as we can! ^__________^

WHERE ULIT : I am considering a spacious venue with free flowing food and drinks (para isang bayad na lang and malakas naman talaga akong kumain)

What do you guys think?