Friday, November 4, 2011


These past couple of days have been really taxing on me so when my day off finally came, I shut myself off from everybody else, even hubby. I tried to release as much negative tension as I can by playing hours of Tekken (hahaha) and then ate at Chef de Angelo for a healthy/tasty buffet. Before the rain started to heavily pour, I went home, showered and went to sleep. Turned off all the phones. No music either, just the sound of my "chime" on my blog's main page. LOL

Sleep at night. 10 hours straight ^^

I need to spend time with family. I've been missing working out too? I haven't broken a sweat for the past two weeks and my skin feels different. Thanks to fruit juices and garlic, I managed not to be sick until now.

My new job, well, doesn't really pay as much? What's the use of having a large sum for basic when there's basically zero allowances and everything becomes taxable and leaves less money in your pocket. So why put up with it at all? Mainly because this might be the only company, the only account, the one thing I have a small advantage for, that I can finally get promoted. I'm 27, a licensed nurse, yet until now I don't have a stable career. I do know what I want. I just find it difficult to keep up with the competition when I got too many things to think about. 

I actually got a checklist for this year:

Baguio. Boracay. Palawan. Bataan. check!

Get a job.
Sales. fail.
Tech. hanging on to dear life...

Get certified.
getting there. I just need to squeeze in more time to practice? Quite hard to workout before/after shift when you're half dead. LOL

Go to school.
probably my biggest delay to date. I have to stabilize my income and schedule first. I have't even worked on my credentials just yet. Hang in there UP Manila.

I know everything will turn out alright. I just need to stay a little more focused, rest, relaxed, try not to get sick. ^^

i know you miss me. 
i just need a little time off for myself.
i can see your efforts to cheer me up and all.
i know what i'm doing.
you know i love you!
i just need to handle my stress, alone, alright?

i'll see you next week ok?