Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Kailangan ko ng ..... Textmate?

Seriously. Hindi ko alam paano uubusin.

Update: June 2

May textmate na sana ako, kaso straight daw siya at girl ang hanap? hahaha

Monday, April 21, 2014

Been there. Did him.

I'm not really sure what the deal is but I can't seem to get comfortable enough when Joms speaks of his past fucks.

We certainly do it often, about 3x a week, now that my usual health has returned and all that.

Whenever we're together and suddenly he'd point out that the guy he used to fuck lived on that area, or when a common friend seemed to have met the same guy and described him exactly as he recalls it.

Is this reminiscing or what?

He tells me "I'm just making you aware... aware of what exactly?"

Earlier we were in a badminton court, he joined a birthday party/tournament and met up some old friends. He played while I was in a corner with my books. Not really interested in sweating more than whats necessary in an already scorching weather.

"Ayy thats Emma ... he used to ...." while pointing out to this short dude with somewhat a dry husky voice.

At the back of my head, I'm trying to understand... "Do I really need to know that?".

Is this some sort of an insinuation perhaps since I did start to gain some weight recently?

Do I really need to see the face of the person behind the story?

Not to mention I scrubbed the walls a few months ago because I found it unsightly to see my handprints on the wall during the time I was christening almost every single corner of my condo and so much more.

It feels like competition. But why do I need to compete for something I already own to begin with?

I don't know. Maybe I'd figure it out soon.

Or should I go into the juicy details every time I recall a past tryst.

But that could be pretty dangerous since I tend to indulge in group fun then.

Oh boy.

Friday, April 18, 2014


While I have written about my sexcapades and guys whom I had terrible dates with and I also wrote about David who was the second love of my life... every now and then I tend to obsess about a few souls who crossed my path and I wonder what had happened to them?

TJ for instance. I can't even recall how his name was spelled and Facebook wasn't much of help at all. I tried : Teejay, T.J. , TJ, Timothy James, Timothy John. Punyeta lang.

I even reached out to old childhood friends who still lived in our old neighborhood but none of them except me seemed to even recall who TJ was. So what was so fucking special about this guy anyway?

Well, it all started when I was 10 I think. I had been the master of manipulation ever since and when I'm bored, I call the shots, make up the rules of the game. This time, we were going to "shoot" a film. Snow White.

It was me, TJ and a tomboyish girl who would refuse to play princess. Of course, I knew from the very start she'd be against the idea, so I had to give in, and TJ being this crazy funny guy agreed to be the prince.

Fast forward to the most important scene of the story, I just wanted to know how it felt like to kiss a boy? I haven't even gone as far as torrid kissing, but after being smothered in soaps and chick flicks I was determined to end my curiosity.

We were giggling about it at first. My prince a little hesistant on what he was about to commit to. But he did it anyway. It was gentle, no tongue, eyes closed. We both jumped from our makeshift bed and I ran home smiling. I kinda liked it.

The next day was the weird part.

TJ came over at my house with a naughty smirk on his face.

"Seth, about last night... can we do it again?"

Kill. Me. Now.

I can't recall how I reacted but I must've dismissed the idea. Besides, we were 10. I don't think I even had an erection then?

So now, I can't find TJ at all. 

I kept thinking. What does he look like now? Did he turn out to be straight?

I don't know. Soon, maybe soon. I'll again end that curiosity once I visit their old place.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Pocket sized Happiness

Here are small quips we have on an average day:

*Habang kumakain sa foodcourt*

Seth: *sings* Do you wanna build a snowmaaaaaan?
Joms: *sings* Wala naman ditong snooooow?
Seth: yung halu halo mo saka itong buko shake!

hihihi :3

*Sa Home section ng mall naghahanap ng upuan*

Seth << naghahanap ng comfortable na matibay na space saving
Joms << dumampot ng folding chair, hawak yung 2 paa.

Joms: "Munch! Anu ito?"
Seth: "Di ko gets."
Joms: "Pang WWF."
Seth: "Mukha naman matibay. Boss, penge new stocks!"

*Habang nasa shower ako*

Joms: "Munch, panu pag kunwari pagkagising mo, dream lang pala itong last 2 years, pag nagising ka na anu gagawin mo?"

Seth: "Maiiyak siguro ako, but I will be happy."

Joms: "Di mo ako hahanapin o pupursue?"

Seth: "Hindi. Bakit? Hindi mo ako kilala. Hindi rin naman kita hinanap. I wasn't expecting you. Besides, I never make the first move noh."

Joms: "Ayy parang di tulad ng sa movies ang sad naman?". *mukmok*

Seth: "Eh anu gusto mong gawin ko? Kumatok ako sa gate mo saka kantahan kita ng "I know you..... I walked with you once upooooon a dreaaaaam..."

hihihi :3