Sunday, April 2, 2017


A lot of people asked me what I thought about the new Beauty and the Beast movie. My answer was "I watched it online, a movie copy, I got bored after 42 minutes and decided not to finish it."

Beauty and the Beast was my favorite Disney movie of all time. I probably watched it hundreds of times I've practically memorized the script. I was initially excited upon seeing the trailer and the poster... until I watched the teaser of Belle (Little town).

Emma Watson couldn't possibly dropped her British accent and this is supposed to be a French village. I didn't mind the singing either. 

It was this particular scene that disappointed me. You see, Belle in the animation movie was dreamy and she lit up when someone asked her about her book. In the live action movie, she looked just as bored as the rest of the town.

I was expecting more in the live action since this is already a real actor! Unlike animation, the animator has to first draw the scenes, making sure to capture the emotions and the mouth opening. Second, the voice talent would then need to watch the movie and try to adjust to the emotions and the mouth movements.

I just feel that Emma could've done a lot better.

I didn't make it far enough during the first 42 minutes to make it to the library scene but when I heard that didn't go too well either, it is already a deal breaker for me.

Something tells me, soon they will be remaking the Little Mermaid as well.

I wonder how they can execute "Part of your World" convincing enough?