Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wassup Seth?

Ang tagal ko din palang hindi nagsulat? hehehe. Ngayun na day off ko na at wala naman akong take home na trabaho, naisipan kong magsulat.

I was loving my job until recently, I had one major disappointment.

I work as a Quality Analyst for a BPO in Eastwood. I used to work in Makati but then I clashed with a Supervisor who was in a romantic relationship with the Manager and I opted to resign.

I thought I finally found a place where I could grow, where my initiatives would eventually be streamlined into a permanent process and I was pretty much doing that. I assumed higher level ad hocs and I given two major awards before my regularization.

Then an opening for a Senior QA was opened, and since it was "open to all" I assumed all the hard work I invested in months before would be taken into account. I was already performing the task long before the post opened and I have proven that I could do it. It would just seem practical to make it official and since it was open to all, tenure shouldn't have been an issue.

I knew I did well on the interview. I prepared for it.

But alas, it was all for formality as there were already people who were appointed and the interview process was just a facade.

Yes, I felt bitter. I cried. I was disappointed. I felt betrayed.

I spent so much time in the office and even in my sleep I kept thinking of work despite my rest days.

What I received shortly after the email announcement of the promotion, I was ought to be the POC of a certain division and share the ranks of the old and new Seniors.

WHAT THE FUCK. I would've felt honored if I hadn't applied, but I did so why should I assume a task for a position I wasn't "qualified" for? It felt like adding insult to injury.

So right now, I'm taking my sweet time doing the basic work.

In a few months I'll be earning a year of tenure.

I might consider switching companies, yet again.