Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thinking out loud #3: Mauupuan

Bakit kapag sa jeep, uupo ang mga tao kung saan may bakante.
Kapag nasa MRT, lahat gusto nasa may bandang pintuan?

Doon nagsisiksikan maluwang naman sa gitna.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Damn I miss my blog.

Even though I keep it open just to listen to the virtual chime, I haven't really thought about what to write all this time? I'm thankful enough though that I do manage to get at least 20 views in a day despite being idle.

So I have been keeping myself busy with work all this time. It's slowly getting into me, my shift changes almost daily with only 15 - 30 minutes increments and yet I have diligently maintained perfect attendance for a full month... Until yesterday that I got soooo tired I slept 5 minutes in excess of my lunch break because I took a nap. 

Farewell 2500. *sigh*

I'm enjoying my new company though. There are always jerks and assholes but I don't mind as long as I deal with them only in chat. I would've dealt with them otherwise if we were on the same floor. I've never been this focused before. I know what I want. I will get promoted. Soon.

Silently, I have been trying to observe and read through blogs and I'm starting to think that at my age, what am I really supposed to be getting myself into?

I just turned 27 this year.

Much of my focus lies on one thing: a stable job. That'll be enough to finance every other endeavor that I'll have in the future.

I have a room to furnish.

I have to invest in products. Beauty/vanity products to maintain whatever remaining trace of youth I have in my skin. Sunscreen is my best friend. I often squirm whenever I see people in public with dull, dark, coarse, leathery, sagging skin. I don't want to end up like that if I could help it. I'm now a bit paranoid about lines forming at the side of my eyes, eye bags, and more importantly, my neck. I don't want it to drop and sag like a chicken's.


I wish to travel. I kinda envy a few bloggers who manage to work or migrate abroad. I feel like I owe it to myself I'm equally brilliant and I should manage to at least tell myself "been there".

Maybe I should revamp my wardrobe. I have to start to learn dressing up like a true adult. Shirts, slacks, a tie, leather shoes. No more loud, bright and cartoon statement tees. I have far too many sneakers already.

I have to avoid people who give me undue stress. 

No more trash talking failed dates. Hurl more insults, well, I still have a few cards but I'll keep them to myself.  We might as well co-exist in our own bubble of fantasy and be thankful we never ended up serious. We can't be friends. The feeling wasn't mutual.

No more "what ifs" with guys whom I used to consider as "the one who got away". Gone. Bye. Thanks for the memories. Never worked before perhaps it wasn't meant to be.

No more people with self perpetuating dramas and self inflicting pain. I won't try to save you at all. 

By doing so, life feels a little more... lighter. I don't need to carry excess baggage. Skin products are expensive mind you.

Maybe I should stop buying gadgets too? An iMac G6 should be my final investment for the next 2-3 years. I should give my iPod, PSP, celfones the run for their money. I don't need a tablet at all.

(thought stops here... will resume later...)

Friday, November 4, 2011


These past couple of days have been really taxing on me so when my day off finally came, I shut myself off from everybody else, even hubby. I tried to release as much negative tension as I can by playing hours of Tekken (hahaha) and then ate at Chef de Angelo for a healthy/tasty buffet. Before the rain started to heavily pour, I went home, showered and went to sleep. Turned off all the phones. No music either, just the sound of my "chime" on my blog's main page. LOL

Sleep at night. 10 hours straight ^^

I need to spend time with family. I've been missing working out too? I haven't broken a sweat for the past two weeks and my skin feels different. Thanks to fruit juices and garlic, I managed not to be sick until now.

My new job, well, doesn't really pay as much? What's the use of having a large sum for basic when there's basically zero allowances and everything becomes taxable and leaves less money in your pocket. So why put up with it at all? Mainly because this might be the only company, the only account, the one thing I have a small advantage for, that I can finally get promoted. I'm 27, a licensed nurse, yet until now I don't have a stable career. I do know what I want. I just find it difficult to keep up with the competition when I got too many things to think about. 

I actually got a checklist for this year:

Baguio. Boracay. Palawan. Bataan. check!

Get a job.
Sales. fail.
Tech. hanging on to dear life...

Get certified.
getting there. I just need to squeeze in more time to practice? Quite hard to workout before/after shift when you're half dead. LOL

Go to school.
probably my biggest delay to date. I have to stabilize my income and schedule first. I have't even worked on my credentials just yet. Hang in there UP Manila.

I know everything will turn out alright. I just need to stay a little more focused, rest, relaxed, try not to get sick. ^^

i know you miss me. 
i just need a little time off for myself.
i can see your efforts to cheer me up and all.
i know what i'm doing.
you know i love you!
i just need to handle my stress, alone, alright?

i'll see you next week ok?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It doesn't happen to everybody

*wink wink!*

Sa Thai ba, pusa = meow meow?

Moon shaped mole. Check
Kitty shaped birthmark. Check

Sailormoon much ^^

Destiny? hehe. 

Can't lose something that you don't want right?

Monday, October 24, 2011


A blessing.

How many times do you get to see 
the ends of two rainbows fall near your home?


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Can't you do better than that?

Bottoms ... don't need to be hung?
It's the butt that's useful.

Tops ... don't need to be hung.
It should erect at least.

Haven't you heard?
I'm a power bottom.

Hit me with a marshmallow?
Try harder.

*wink wink*

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ako lang.

Eksena sa sinehan:

Cristine Reyes: "Hindi ako to, pero ginagawa ko para sa'yo!"

Ang Seth: Di na napigilan, nangilid na ang luha. Humihikbi. "Naawa ako sa kanya,  pinagdaanan ko rin kasi yung ganun eh?"

Hubby: Nagulat. Nalerki. Naawa. First time niya akong nakitang umiyak? Hinawakan niya ako nang mahigpit, at sinabing:

"Ngayun lang una at huling beses na gagawin mo yan. Di kita paiiyakin..."

*** Ansaveeeeh!? I'm so touched. ***

Thanks, and I love you.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nakaraos din!

Walang review, walang tulog, walang kain post graveyard shift !!! Ambaba ng reading? Super proud naman ako sa speaking! CHOS!

(kailangan magbasa at magsulat pa ako nang mas madalas? Wala na kasi akong practice masyado?)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Like eew.

Haaay.... minsan kulang talaga ang mga salita para matauhan ang isang tao.

Minsan, kailangan talagang ingud ngod sa yucky ground.

Nang paulit ulit.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Seth on Rage Mode

Rage mode in Tekken lingo means that when your health meter is running to a dangerous low, a red "aura" is radiating from the limbs and each hit would have an additional 10% damage than the normal.

That is what I went through just yesterday.

I have already been far too tired taking exams and gym practices either before or after shift, and I even had to squeeze time for a monthsary dinner, rounds of lovemaking, and more strolling at the malls.

My past is haunting me. People that is.

First there's Jason. He slowly crawled his way back into my life, asking for "help" on how to deal with his relationship. He hasn't changed much. His skin worse than before. Self esteem to an all time low. Miserable as ever. If there was one thing he did remember the last time we spoke, it's to get himself a puppy instead of spending his time and money on someone who doesn't love him back but asks him for material things and favors regardless. Mind you, they don't even have sex that often. He's just THAT lonely. He's not getting anything from the relationship rather than someone to call his own, but isn't really behaving as such. When he blocked me from Facebook for no apparent reason, and he replied "who you?" thrice in two weeks time, it wasn't difficult for me to drop him. One less person to worry about. One sad person bringing me negativity out of my life. Now, I decided to stop being too nice and friendly and just bombard him with sarcasm. He never appreciated my advice anyway? 

Then there's David. The guy whom I was waiting for all this time to be mine but he was just far too distant for me to trust and all. He's in yet another failed date. We haven't spoken for months. Now he's back, trying to reconnect, until such time he finds someone else to keep him busy, he'll slowly wean from our conversations once more. Not gonna happen again.

Plus, the guy who has been stalking me through text, harrassing me and everything, how he chose me and why I do not know. After 6 mos he just thought of checking back with me.

But wait there's more!? MARK !? Just when I though we already agreed not to communicate, he sends me news that the father of our common friend had brain surgery. Why couldn't she have told me herself? I had to diss Mark then not to get in touch with me at all. EVER. My birthday would be nearing soon and I do hope he doesn't greet me at all.

Why now? Why do I still have to put up with the past when all the while I thought I have forgotten how it hurts?

Monday, September 26, 2011


Oh I'm gonna be one happy bottom for sure!

oooh yeah Miguel!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Welcome home ^^

May work na ulit ako mamaya eh, won't be able to greet you on time.

Happy 1st monthsary!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An Unlikely Pair

I happen to be taller.
I am still bigger built.
I can literally pin him to the wall, break him in pieces.

But he loves me to bits.
I can be myself. Magically effem at times even.

He says I make him happy even if I'm not even trying.

He's not afraid of my past. 
He gave me a clean slate.

He may not be the trophy boyfriend.

But he has given me that peace of mind.

He'll only be mine.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Facebook: On this day

There was sex everywhere. It didn't really mean too much. Love, was the hard thing to find. Even if you were looking for it, which not too many people were. And even if you found it, which not too many people did.

September 9, 2010 at 11:07am

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Meet Matt

Meet Matt...

(usapan sa PR)

Chenelyn: hey dude, i think you're hot.. i got place here at boni, near mrt station.. wanna meet now? here's my pic (...)

Matt: bottom hanap ko

Chenelyn: versa ako pre.. do have face pic? tara sa place ko

Matt: wala eh

Chenelyn: ganun? wanna meet? wala ka tlaga khit isa lang? bka nmn pangit ka.

Matt: pangit nga ako. gwapo mo eh. sobra

Chenelyn: hehehe! hindi nmn.. to tell you frankly, those guys na di pinapakita mukha dito sila yung pangit.. dont be offended pre.. sorry.. upload ka face pic mo..

Matt: yeah. kadalasan din yung nagpapakita akala nila gwapo sila. anyway im not offended. and definitely im not ugly. sa dami ng natira ko, wala pang umangal dahil sa itsura ko.

PAKKK !!! ^^

P.S. - Di po ako si Chenelyn. Friends kami ni Matt ^^

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Karneng Karne ang Sarap

Kaninang umaga bago ako bumaba ng Buendia MRT platform napansin ko ito kaya kinunan ko ng fiktyur.

Pag uwi ko naman at pabukas ng email ito naman tumambad sa akin:

Hanep kung sa hanep ang promotion. Beefy na beefy goodness!

"Meet them now >>".... sinu yung cows? Char!

Feeling ko may halung etits to.

Feel ko lang naman.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Di ko gets bakit sa lahat ng sinulat ko eh yung Joystick yung ambenta benta eh Tekken lang naman ang topic ko nun?

O akala ba nila ibang joystick ang ibig kong sabihin? Hmmmm.....

hehehe Sorry sa mga nadisappoint. Di ako sumusulat ng erotica (di rin ako magaling)

Basta alam ko.



Monday, August 22, 2011

Teach me How to Date (duh)

There are some things that I'd rather shrug off and let pass but when I can see that silence wouldn't be resolving anything, it's always better to tell the truth. I have always been regarded as someone who's completely "tactless" but then there are people who would appreciate to hear it, than actually bear with whatever they thought they are doing is right all along.

Sure, you might be a "nice" guy. Pero yung aggressions mo are soo suppressed.

So I have dated two people from my blog, we all know how the Tiddy Burr turned out. Watch out.

Then there's this other guy................

He's better is a lot of other ways really.

A little older than myself.
Neat looking.
Acts like a gentleman. Acts.

He had been insinuating the idea of us meeting until one night I finally gave in and asked him out for a late dinner. Before we met, I also gave him the same courtesy to read his blog posts from the beginning. From what he wrote I had this idea of:

A corporate yuppy
someone who likes to party
drives his own wheels, even named his car
charming enough to actually have a contest with his friend as to how many guys he could kiss in one night
must be a good kisser (?)

And so we met, we talked, we had dinner and all. Not exactly drop dead gorgeous but I did notice he took the time to fix his hair. The car smelled good. He drove very carefully, not to mention offered to pick me up at my place.

It all went well, I even warmed up to him and held his hand by the gear while he drove (the sweaty palms I tried to understand) and when he finally dropped me off to call it a night, we kissed...

Errr... uhm... yeah... yun na yun? I was that disappointed.

He did angle his face so our noses won't bump. 
He did popped a mint after dinner.
He did closed his eyes, opened his lips enough, no tongue at first

... and he nibbled on my lower lip. Not bite. Nibbled. 

It felt like making out to a rabbit really.

I would usually gently bite the lower lip, but never nibble.

That's just weird. So was that the swoon-worthy-as-many-guys-a-night-at-the-bar-kind-of-kiss ???

And so we did manage to make a third date. That was the time we tried to take things a little higher.

I had to call off my weekend playmates. I have a movie date for crying out loud.

So he picked me up after my shift, took me to his pad to catch some snooze before the 1pm movie.

I always take a shower before bed. He didn't even bother to. I don't care really if you stay in an air conditioned office or drive your own car that's why you're not exposed to pollution when commuting like I do. I had to find my way to find a comfortable spot to lie in his bed. I can actually feel the metal bars on my body. 

and so I tried to kiss him again. Haaay... same thing. The rabbit kiss.

I can tell that he's trying to control himself not to grope me but ok, we're here, check the merchandise LOL (honglandeeeeeh!)

I really wanted it. Damn I waited for the weekend.

But the rest of it was a series of unfortunate foreplay.

I had to tell him at least 3x that I don't want hickies. NO NO NO NO NO !!!

But guess what happened!? I have one button sized hickey near my right nipple!?


Seth: "Sinabi ko naman sa iyo ayaw ko ng chikinini bakit nilagyan mo pa rin ako?" (galit na)

"Mawawala rin naman yan oh oh" (dinutdot pa ng thumb as if nagssmudge ng craypas/charcoal, thus, lalong masakit)

Seth: "Wag mo na nga hawakan at masakit na!"

"Bakit ka ba ganyan?"

Seth: "Eh sinabi ko naman kasing ayaw ko eh nilagyan mo pa rin ako!? Di ko maintindihan bakit mo ginawa yun? Eh amputi puti ko sobrang halata. I walk off topless sa bahay at paano naman sa gym? So I have a sex life pero I don't need evidence to show it off! Para ka lang gumamit ng banyo na di ka nagflush." (wtf)

"Kasi i really like giving hickies (may hangover ka pa ng highschool?) at for me it's a sign of passion na pag meron ka nun, akin ka na, at di ka na magagalaw ng iba..."

Naisip isip ko lang. Aba. Territorial. Minamarkahan ako. Inihian mo na lang sana ako, kasi yung ihi pwedeng hugasan, pero ang chikinini naiiwan ng ilang araw?

Sige fine. Sign of passion. Nyeta. So I made this deal with him. 

Seth: "Let's meet halfway ok?

If ever we get to do it again, and I sense you're gonna give me a hickey, I will tell you to stop and you should stop. Proceed any further, sasapakin kita"

"Kaya mong gawin sa akin yun?" (with matching puppy dog eyes)

Seth: "See this? Biceps and triceps. Notice how solid my thighs are? Pero, if ever in the middle of us doing it and I'm enjoying and nalagyan mo ako at di kita naawat I won't take it against you. Deal?"

.... pero naman? Do I always need to put my anti chikinini guard up all the time?

More nibbling. Sa nipple naman. Masakit.

He tried to finger me. Two. Bring it on.

But forcefully pressing me inside isn't exactly pleasurable.

Seth: "Aahh Arayyyy! Teka!"

"Anu na naman? Eh di ba power bottom ka?"

Amf. Di naman ako ATM buttons. Saka, I'm soft and squishy inside para dutdutin nang ganun na lang!

Big tummy. Small schlong that won't even go up. Nuff said. My ass is insulted. I decided to sleep alone in the sofa instead.

Maglalambing ako pag gusto ko. Di ako pusa na kikiskis na lang palagi.

So we were driving home now after spending the whooole day together. Nasa Aurora na kami. Stoplight. I was sitting quietly, a bit tired for I haven't gotten quality sleep since my shift. Nang biglang inakbayan ako at kinabig papunta sa kanya.

Kabig. Nakalog ang kawawang bottom.

Seth: "Ayy bakit?! May bala!? May pana!? Umiilag tayo?!"

"Anu ka ba? Bakit ka ganyan ayaw mo maglambing?"
Seth: "Anu ba gusto mo mangyari?"

...Ahhh ang gusto pala eh for me to lean in to his shoulder and sink.... OK

Eh bakit naman ako kailangan kabigin di bah!? He wants to take the opportunity kasi nga naman stop light, tinted ang wind shield, maulan, at .....romantic?

*ubo ubo*

Probably, after that I did a lot of thinking. I was cold to him after a week. I told him we'd talk soon in person.Hindi naman pala ganun kababa EQ niya and he kinda sensed where I was getting at. Text na lang daw.

Oh well. I had never been handled sooo roughly and not in a good way!

Maybe you are indeed a gentleman. Pero what really struck you is the fact that I'm a power bot and that you wanted to fuck me.

Oh well.

I said this before.

You had your chance ^^

Shake it off


nagtext na ako ng "imy"
tumitig na sa grad pic niya at kinilig ng slight
nagbacktrack na sa FB wall posts niya from the present date till May


Ako na ang obsessed/stalker/friiiik !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May development ba? Hmmm, wala. LOL

I try to control myself not to overwhelm the guy too much. Mejo ramdam ko naman na may wall pa between us. But the thing is... I personally realized naman I'm not in love with Tristan, and I'm just infatuated with him.

Napaisip ako dun sa comment ni Lanchie: "the danger of being lonely is falling for the first person that shows you that you are not alone."

After several drinks, soy green tea latte, 1 10" NY finest, at Charlie Chan pasta.

I'm finally shaking it off.

It was a nice weekend. Probably one of the most memorable. I wouldn't know what it meant for him other than an out of town trip. I just had fun ^^

The guy is pretty much a complete package. Tall, smart, handsome, funny, great kisser! But is was just a nice weekend. Not something that would probably predict the rest of our lives.

I met more friends through him, I think that's good enough ^^

Friends. That might be the best we could be. (CHING! Showbiz answer lang ^^)

*chapter closed*

Ang Pagbabalat ng Hipon, Seth version

In response sa challenge ni Wimpy, heto naman ang style ko ng pagbabalat ^^ 

Sorry naman at madilim at walang caption or background music (di ako marunong)

Mabuti na lang at nakipagtulungan ang sinigang na hipon ^^

Ganito ko ginagawa:

Putulin mo ng kutsara yung ulo ng hipon

Tusukin at itukod mo yung tinidor sa buntot ng hipon

Gamitin ang kutsara para putulin lahat ng paa niya. Achievable ito ng isang strike lang :)

Habang nakatukod pa rin yung tinidor sa buntot, gamitin mo yung kutsara para makuha yung gilid gilid ng balat niya, mula doon sa pinagputulan mo ng paa.

Dahan dahang iikot yung kutsara, para makuha mo nang buo yung balat.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Facebook: On this day

Seth* ay katatapus lang mapanuod ang "One More Chance". Umiiyak. Humagulgol. Bumuntong hininga. Mamaya, ok na. ^^

August 22, 2010 at 2:16am

‎"Sana ako nalang. Sana ako nalang ulit..." --- PAKKK! Dito lang yung part na umiyak nako T____T

Friday, August 19, 2011


naawa naman ako sa remote?

Crushie #7: Buchi Baby

Wo ming baiiiii wo yao de ai....... ume echos lang ^^

Hindi ko na kailangan pa mag wave ng flag para malaman ng friendships ko na sadness ang Seth. Alam naman nila na coffee at fastfood lang katapat ko.

Pero hindi naman food lang ang yumminess.....

Meet Buchi baby LOL. Korni.

Sorry naman at di malinaw ang zoom ko? Eh masyado kasi obvious na kukuhanan ko siya ng pic pag nasa counter ako kasi may pulang ilaw kahit walang flash?

Ang shift niya kadalasan eh yung madaling araw na.


Mejo ok na ako. I think.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

When the Stars go Blue

The Corrs feat. Bono - When the Stars Go Blue (BGM for a more emo effect)

Wala pong kinalaman si Lili sa post ko. 

Nilagay ko lang dahil ang taray ng mukha niya dito.


Reversal move niya yan. When used at the right moment, sasaluhin niya yung suntok ng kalaban, tutukod sa ulo, ingungudngod sa lupa. Taray di ba!? Tekken nerd lang.

"Oh, be a fine guy, kiss me"

IKR. Ang landi ng statement. Nakita ko yan sa wikipedia, something to do with the stellar classification of stars based on their spectral characteristics. 

Napapalit tuloy ako ng pantyliner sa sentence na yun. Daanin na lang natin sa Nursing?


Let's call him, Tristan* (yeah, kasi may umaali aligid na little bears jan) the guy whom I was with over the weekend.

Let's also set things straight. We just met. Wala pa po akong boypren.

I thought it was yet another casual encounter and then the convo sidetracked a bit and I told him of my blog. He's a bit worried I might expose him though. Hmmmm... not really. I only write about my experiences with people, I don't write about who they are and what they do (hmmm... maybe my ex Mark would be an exception but then how can I further illustrate he's a jerk? LOL).

10. Aug. 2011 - 12:04

Tristan: hi there
Seth: hi welcome to PR :) you're new 
Tristan: 2 weeks new. hahha you got nice ass. do you share facepic? 
Seth: here ya go
Tristan: and youre also cute.  so where do i sign up? lol 
Seth: sign up for what? LOL
Tristan: sa puso mo. syet ang korni. hahaha 
Seth: hahahah eh kala ko ba for recreational ka lang? LOL kidding. you're angel cute really 
Tristan:  yeah, I think im still not over The Ex, so it would be futile if I jump to another relationship, so im drowning myself with pleasures of singlehood. whats your story? and thanks 
Seth: my story? LOL i even blogged about it. pretty much on the same boat as you are, just managed to survive the first year "anniversary"       
now, im just confused LOL 
Tristan: wow, interesting read. i promise to read this but my work starts in 2 hours. hope to meet you sometime *wink 

...and so we met over the weekend. I was on time. I met his friends, we drove around helplessly but finally arrived in our destination. Tiring. We shared a tent to ourselves and when he finally lied next to me, I gave up the Mariah Clarey drama and reached out to hug him. No, no groping here. We woke up around 3am finally the skies have cleared and optimal for the Perseid watching.

I saw 23 within an hour and 3 of which we saw together.


so why the heck am I binge eating at 1am!? 

Well apparently, he was serious about "drowning on the pleasures of singlehood". One of the guys I met by some magical coincidence messaged him and asked him out for a menage a trois... and guess who's the awesome bottom dude!?


Probably I was too wishful thinking on my part. I know the games especially on PR. Heck I can be an olympiad. 

But what if... 

...he could be different 
... maybe I could change?


Thanks to Alter, for reminding me, to look for love at the right places. Where ever that may be

OK... now to punish myself with as many jump squats with a 10kg plate.