Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thinking out loud #3: Mauupuan

Bakit kapag sa jeep, uupo ang mga tao kung saan may bakante.
Kapag nasa MRT, lahat gusto nasa may bandang pintuan?

Doon nagsisiksikan maluwang naman sa gitna.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Damn I miss my blog.

Even though I keep it open just to listen to the virtual chime, I haven't really thought about what to write all this time? I'm thankful enough though that I do manage to get at least 20 views in a day despite being idle.

So I have been keeping myself busy with work all this time. It's slowly getting into me, my shift changes almost daily with only 15 - 30 minutes increments and yet I have diligently maintained perfect attendance for a full month... Until yesterday that I got soooo tired I slept 5 minutes in excess of my lunch break because I took a nap. 

Farewell 2500. *sigh*

I'm enjoying my new company though. There are always jerks and assholes but I don't mind as long as I deal with them only in chat. I would've dealt with them otherwise if we were on the same floor. I've never been this focused before. I know what I want. I will get promoted. Soon.

Silently, I have been trying to observe and read through blogs and I'm starting to think that at my age, what am I really supposed to be getting myself into?

I just turned 27 this year.

Much of my focus lies on one thing: a stable job. That'll be enough to finance every other endeavor that I'll have in the future.

I have a room to furnish.

I have to invest in products. Beauty/vanity products to maintain whatever remaining trace of youth I have in my skin. Sunscreen is my best friend. I often squirm whenever I see people in public with dull, dark, coarse, leathery, sagging skin. I don't want to end up like that if I could help it. I'm now a bit paranoid about lines forming at the side of my eyes, eye bags, and more importantly, my neck. I don't want it to drop and sag like a chicken's.


I wish to travel. I kinda envy a few bloggers who manage to work or migrate abroad. I feel like I owe it to myself I'm equally brilliant and I should manage to at least tell myself "been there".

Maybe I should revamp my wardrobe. I have to start to learn dressing up like a true adult. Shirts, slacks, a tie, leather shoes. No more loud, bright and cartoon statement tees. I have far too many sneakers already.

I have to avoid people who give me undue stress. 

No more trash talking failed dates. Hurl more insults, well, I still have a few cards but I'll keep them to myself.  We might as well co-exist in our own bubble of fantasy and be thankful we never ended up serious. We can't be friends. The feeling wasn't mutual.

No more "what ifs" with guys whom I used to consider as "the one who got away". Gone. Bye. Thanks for the memories. Never worked before perhaps it wasn't meant to be.

No more people with self perpetuating dramas and self inflicting pain. I won't try to save you at all. 

By doing so, life feels a little more... lighter. I don't need to carry excess baggage. Skin products are expensive mind you.

Maybe I should stop buying gadgets too? An iMac G6 should be my final investment for the next 2-3 years. I should give my iPod, PSP, celfones the run for their money. I don't need a tablet at all.

(thought stops here... will resume later...)