Thursday, February 17, 2011

F*ck My Life


Part of which is that I want to forget all my misfortunes and heartaches and replace them with merrier memories before the anniversary of my singlehood.


My college friend and I had been planning since last year that we'll be going on several destinations:

Boracay - Bohol - Palawan

Singapore - Kuala Lumpur - Bangkok - Beijing* (optional)

Call it financial suicide but I tried to save enough money from last December's BPO stint and break my dollar piggy bank just to make all of this happen.

I've been dieting and working out for months just to look good on the beach!

Been dying to wear that knitted trunks while I strut my stuff on the white shores, play frizbee etc.

Been to Boracay (with Mark and I was 180 lbs, damn it). Been to Coron. I wanna retry Boracay again, and this time, Puerto Princesa. Cool

We had to take off Bohol even if I really wanted to see a Tarsier wrapped around my index finger, but instead, I had to choose dolphins for now.

I thought it would be more convenient to seek the help of a travel agent, tried several, was even referred to an old high school batchmate. Oh the promises of getting a "cheaper, better deal".... Seth 15k per person to Bora, 20k on top for Palawan. WTF.

I might as well do it myself.

Lesson #1 - When you see a cheaper flight, and seems to fit your planned dates, don't fret and book right away. It gets more expensive by the hour.

Boracay - Palawan done. I even found a nice place to stay, which for 5k per person for 4D3N already included the tours, breakfast, airport transfers. Sweet.

Now the Asian tour.

We finally decided to scrap out Kuala Lumpur for we both agreed it is much too costly to go there just to see the Petronas.


Manila - Singapore ;  Singapore - Bangkok ;  Bangkok - Manila.

Booked flights. Click click click. Done.

Lesson #2 - Make sure you have a passport. 

I know. BIG MISTAKE. I placed erroneous passport details just to have the flight booked and then maybe worry about that later on (it never ended really) just so to avoid the price increase.

DFA Appointment for renewal - February 24th

Flight to Singapore - March 8th

Rush processing  - 1200 pesos ; 10 working days. 

Lesson #3 - When all else fails, read instructions.


that would create a domino effect to my other flights

.... now I have to worry about either how to get my passport sooner if possible, if not, shoulder the costs of rebooking/cancelling (so much for saving money because we're backpacking, reminiscent of Lonely Planet on Discovery channel), and I have to deal with an upset friend... who has been working her ass off just to make more money for this.

Did I just say FML?


  1. ayyyy! ang daming travel! wooot wooot!

    aabot yan kuya! aabot yan! :D

  2. Dapat kasi nagpatulong ka sa kin. Ano pa ang silbi ng paglalakwatsa ko kung wala akong natutunang thing or two?

  3. Im going to Bhutan with sir Gerard...hahahahahahha...same experience...but he will be rushing his blue passport hahahahahaha anytime soon....>:)

  4. which reminds me.. i need to get my passport renewed too. dang!

    passport expired on 10-10-10..

    alam mo na kung ano ang nangyari nung 10-10-10 seth