Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Crumble down a little...

YM Chat... I wasn't expecting anything. I was just sending an email to confirm a hotel reservation...

Mark: kumusta na?

Me: ayus naman ^^ ikaw?

Mark: now down to 74 kg from 86kg but still need to work out.

Me: thats nice, good job!

Mark: nylo and ore asked me straight up if you were my bf.

Me: and what did you say?

Mark: i told them nothing

Me: alright

Mark: it's not that i don't trust them, i just don't feel like outing myself to anyone anymore you've seen me right do you think i lost weight?

Me: i only saw a glimpse of you at wensha, i was behind you. i was trying to avoid you as much as possible

Mark: i'm still a snob at the spa

Me: ok

Mark: who were you with your new....

Me: i was alone. i dont have anybody. im not dating or sleeping with anybody for the past 3 months

Mark: i'll be on the road. while chatting. i'm nott driving

Me: ok

Mark: you have your friends and family

Me: yeah, masaya naman ako sa kanila. reconnected with them

Mark: that's for the best

Me: im happier now. i hope you are too

Mark: i'm happy but of course there are times when loneliness hits

Me: oh well, i learned how to deal with that

Mark: of course

Me: minsan ramdam ko pa din psych link mo minsan tumitingin pa din ako sa moon naiiyak na naman ako kasi kausap kita

Mark: you want me to sign out

Me: account mo naman yan wala nako say, di naman ako lang pwede mo kausapin... o kung dapat mo ba akogn kausapin

Mark: if you donb't want me to chat with you say so

Me: di pa ako ready kausapin ka. advanced happy birthday na lang... i dont think i can greet you on the actual day... much too painful

Mark: take care always you know i never stopped caring about you

Me: sana nga di na lang natapus but i will be better, i will be good

Mark: i'm sure you will.sarge is driving

Me: gladys was teary eyed when we met unfortunately i couldn't stay long enough, just gave her my pasalubong

Mark: chatting while the car is mobile is giving me a migraine GTG

Me: tc


Circle me and the needle moves gracefully
back and forth, if my heart was a compass you'd be North
Risk it all 'cause I'll catch you if you fall
wherever you go, if my heart was a house you'd be home...



  1. Perhaps when the scar has left just a tiny wound, then you shall be able to reconnect again.

  2. some things are not made to last...

    ...or i say it is there for us to keep for a moment ...

    ...then they slip away.

    katulad ng lovelife...minsan talaga hindi pangmatagalan,

    ...siguro tayong mga tao may hinahanap at hanggat di na natatagpuan eh di titigil...

    pansumandali...at maghahanap ulit.

    savor the moment...ang after effect kasi nito ay parte na ng ating memories...

    keep on!

  3. huggsss....doncha worry you'll be cubao ibabaw sooner than you think =)

  4. @ Sean - *hug* din kita

    @ iamAPv - *sniff sniff* huhu

    @ Guyrony - nah. I won't reconcile with him. I did try for three months after our official breakup

    @ blurosebluguy - moment of weakness lang I was caught off guard. I'm gonna be ok

    @ MkSurf8 - bwahahaha! I'm very much happier being bottom ^^

  5. Aww. Tandaan mo lang tinext ko. "Sometimes, rejection is God's protection." You are loved. In so many ways.

  6. (never say die. tomorrow is another day.) sad pero go lang lagi