Saturday, April 9, 2011

Seth's Status


Napansin ko din mejo matagal na ako walang naisulat na article? Walang kwento, puro pictures lang. Toink.

Akalain mo yun? Nakaraos din ako sa "break up" anniversary with a BANG!

I'm now in a secure place I can finally settle and call "home". 
I got the chance to travel to places I have only imagined doing for several years.
I managed to slim down and stay fit for the longest time.

...ang kulang na lang, finally get a job I can learn to love and build a career with ^^

Ah and yes, I have proven to myself that I can control my worldly desires for the longest time! I am in control. This is my body. 

So am I dating? Not really. Pacrush-crush lang sa ngayun pero wala pa akong nakilalang super cutie na blog-worthy LOL

Balik na naman sa dati? Hmmm... hindi rin pero I kinda miss it na din.

I am still exploring new things. So far, nothing totally new and exciting has happened.

It does feel a bit lonely coming home to the unit by myself. Wala na sina Kuya Rommel, Ate Abby, and baby Chloe. Natrain ko pa naman din si Chloe na magsmile at kumaway sa akin pagdating ko sa bahay.

Maybe I would start decorating the unit. Furnish it. Then throw a housewarming party. Soon. Naubos pera ko sa pasyal. LOL

I would like to thank everyone for being supportive for the past couple of months. I never imagined I could reach out and touch some people with my stories and all. It thrills me to watch the Feedjit and see visitors from all over the world. I may not be able to hear from you at all via email and/or comments...

... but I don't feel alone.

Thank you.


  1. andito lang kami kuya para pakinggan ka... pakinggan o basahin? basta! alam mo na un. hihi


  2. ...because you are never truly alone at all times. Awooooooo! Peace! :D

  3. congrats! you've accomplished a lot of things towards knowing yourself more. =)

  4. That's the spirit Seth! Excited na me sa house warming. Invite us ha. ^_^

  5. Seth.. andito kaya ako. pano ka magiging alone.. punta ka dito sa bahay, or dalawin kita jan.. magluto tayo ng maraming pagkaing fat free. ^^,