Thursday, April 7, 2011


Everybody is busy
Dancing in the lights
The smoke is building
The temperature rising
It's just the beginning

Everybody knows everybody
Do they really?
Everybody wears a mask
All faces are painted black
Is there more behind the make-up?
The sugar and the lies

The night is endless
Everybody is talking
Pilnak is busy
Nobody even pauses
To hear the cry of a dying soul
Nobody cares

Everybody is smiling
Eventually the smiles have faded
Everybody has grown old
The once glistening night is now cold
But the night still seems eternal

Never Ending-Never Fading
Just another night in Pilnak St.
Everybody feeling the rhythm 
We see them in their bright colored shoes
What was once memory of our youth

It's fun-the bright lights
It's exciting-the beats
But Now you're all alone
Who'll be staying around
When the lights go low?

Paul F.

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