Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Darker shade of Green


May Pilyo at Dark Knight.
May Mugen at Wimpy Kid.

Pero meron pa akong dalawa pang bloggers na sinusundan, lest I know the other is single and one is in an open relationship

To actually read about a saga of their hookup is just... hmmm... painful.

I'm jealous.

I really like the other guy. *sigh*



mali daw hula ko, YEY !!!


  1. LOL

    Wag na. Naiiyak na ako just by the thought of it. Pero tatapusin ko yung saga. I don't think the other guy (the one I like) is aware of it at all.

  2. ikuwento mo na yan, la bang malupit na clues? hehe.

    (email mo ko Seth)