Wednesday, April 20, 2011



So I have already confessed to the entire blogosphere that I have given up my goodie goodie stilettos and have .... tadaaah! Registered another Planetromeo account.

Why? It's the most popular and the easiest way to meet and find guys conveniently sorted according to city with unlimited viewing and messaging. A feature and service Manjam has yet to emulate. In as much as I want to try Grindr, it is still limited to a certain niche of the population who owns Mac and Blackberry gadgets. I had a glimpse of it once, the crowd is a lot better if you ask me.

Anyway, when I'm home, I only have three tabs open on my browser: Facebook, Blogger, Planetromeo. I would just leave it parked the whole day as long as I'm indoors.

Statistics for April 19th, 2011:

Visitors : 107
Footprints given: 120
 - about 30 guys whom I gave footprints thanked me and messaged me back
 - 12 of which asked for an exchange of face pics
 - only 3 sent their face pics but we stopped chatting afterwards
 - the rest of the 9 simply ignored me after I sent them photos
 - one demanded we go cam to cam, didn't work out as well
 - I got invited to 2 group sex events, which didn't materialize at all
 - around 50 guys who messaged me I didn't reply back at all
 - only ONE guy thought I was cute (ouch! that hurt my ego a lot)

After one full day of cruising in between chores, sleep, meals, and choreo practice, I wasn't an inch closer to getting laid?

And all the while I though to myself I looked a lot better compared to 3 years back!?

I forgot to mention I attended this small seminar by my gay organization, sponsored by TLF to refresh our knowledge about STD - HIV AIDS awareness and I finally got to meet Humphrey Gorricetta in person!? I must say I was a bit starstruck because he looked damn good !!!

I told this to one of my good friends who works for an organization dealing with HIV AIDS and he even told me that out of 45 referrals he gets daily (recent stats given to us were about 5 people get infected in a day), only two are little monsters, so it's like having a cast of models into your office !?

He even told me he's being surrounded my too much yummy eye candy he feels "ugly" doing the emotional support at times. Perhaps, because these guys are so goodlooking, it's not that hard for them to find sex! I mean who would be stupid enough to turn down such an offer eh?

I never imagined it can be an "occupational hazard" especially if you're not too careful?

Anyway, perhaps rejection is some form of God's protection. I may not be blessed with that much aesthetic qualities because perhaps He anticipated that I might put myself and others more at risk.

Tomorrow is another day.


  1. nice way of thinking kuya. pak na pak yan!

  2. Hindi lahat ng may HIV guwapo, karamihan lang. LOL! Yung iba hipon, yung iba lollipop...

    Anyway, ingat ka lang. Proteksyon kang, okay?! Uso ang HIV ngayon, wag ka nang dumagdag please. :-)

  3. Hoy cite your sources! Ako ang nagsabi ng rejection is a form of protection. Wahahaha!

  4. @ Nimmy - Thanks

    @ Canonista - Yeah karamihan lang ^^ At least yung napupunta sa office niya puro gwapo LOL. Negative pa ako since last test ko nung March, I intend to keep it that way

    @ Papa Jay - Ganech? Nabasa ko din yun somewhere noh. Sige na, ikaw na!

  5. Hey Seth,

    OKay lang ba to mention his name? What if you have readers who doesnt know about his condition? Just thinking though. :) I know him from his previous work as a TL but never got to be friends with him. I know he slept and became fubu with one of my closest friend. My friend was negative then, I might ask him again for a test. :D

    Nice read again!

  6. btw, i got the news as a hush-hush, sort of an open-secret from our office way then coz he suddenly went AWOL for 2-3 months I think.

  7. Out naman si Humphrey about his condition. There are even magazines posting his full name and photo as an advocate ^^

    Thats how I learned about him