Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Premium Partner?

i wonder why most prefer to sink their teeth on "hipons" when they can take a bite off a premium wagyu beef... like me...

Being single is getting old..

feels great to have everything i need... but my life would be alot better if had everything i deserved... =(


I feel sorry for this guy on FB who keeps on posting such rants over and over again. I happened to meet him in the most primitive of ways.... read IRC, and was able to befriend him actually. I saw him running along Ayala avenue one time and thought he was nice to stop by and smile. But how come it has taken this long and he hasn't met his person yet?

I barely know him personally. But from what I have been observing: he probably has a high paying job in which he can splurge on gear and gadgets for running, not to mention participating in almost every single marathon there is, and that he fancies guys who work out. Only guys who work out. One little flab out of place and he'd probably drop you like a hot potato. Flat ripped abs seems to be the best qualifier.

I just wish that somehow, he'd give up his ideals.

Maybe he'd truly be happy. Flabs and all.


  1. all in good time they'll see that the superficial is simply... superficial.

  2. Right on the spot! lol

    ... 'cause at the end of the day (or maybe after a decade), those abs will be all gone, all covered in flabby old skin. Look for a partner who'll see beyond skin deep, and maybe just maybe, even after all beauty is gone, you'd still have each other. flabs and old skin and all.

    - lucas

  3. Those are preferences. Their preferences. And if one day they realize that what they were aspiring too were shallow, then it'll be for them to regret or accept.

    Not ours.