Saturday, April 20, 2013

Irritatingly Fragile

I soooo love this pen but it is so freakin' fragile that it is as good as gone when I drop it on the floor.
I've already bought five this month alone.


  1. hahaha. nakakarelate ako. eventually, i prefer using those freebies ng mga med reps. libre na, matagal pa ang buhay.

  2. hahaha yung iniingatan mo, tapos ibabagsak lang ng ibang tao :P

  3. G Tech is THE pen when I was in high school. Seems like it's no longer living to the expectations these days.

    And so I resort to Faber Castell. :D

  4. Hi there!

    Im also using this kind of pen. Its just kind big for my hands to use, how I wish they could manufacture slimmer ones.

    I agree with the quality of these pens. Most of the time when you dropped it you'll have problems. The casing too is not that durable, mine had cracks on the cap and I didn't even drop it.

  5. @ Basti - My ex was a doctor so nakakailang ballpen talaga siya sa isang lingoo so kebs na kung anung brand?

    @ Mamon - dinadamot ko nga ako lang itong clumsy? hehehe

    @ Ryan See - IKR. Super fine kasi nakakatuwa feeling ko pang calligraphy na handwriting ko? hihi. Ok naman yung Faber Castell

    @ Gram Math - how I wish they could make it a little more sturdier though :) you can attach a pen grip if you wish to make it fit your fingers

  6. Oh yes. I loved G Tech for writing Chinese characters. Lakas talaga makacalligraphy. :D

  7. ako nmn walain sa ballpen khit kakahawak ko lng tsk tsk

  8. Try using HBW.... Been using it since my college days (almost a decade) & it doesn't fail me everytime...