Thursday, August 18, 2011

When the Stars go Blue

The Corrs feat. Bono - When the Stars Go Blue (BGM for a more emo effect)

Wala pong kinalaman si Lili sa post ko. 

Nilagay ko lang dahil ang taray ng mukha niya dito.


Reversal move niya yan. When used at the right moment, sasaluhin niya yung suntok ng kalaban, tutukod sa ulo, ingungudngod sa lupa. Taray di ba!? Tekken nerd lang.

"Oh, be a fine guy, kiss me"

IKR. Ang landi ng statement. Nakita ko yan sa wikipedia, something to do with the stellar classification of stars based on their spectral characteristics. 

Napapalit tuloy ako ng pantyliner sa sentence na yun. Daanin na lang natin sa Nursing?


Let's call him, Tristan* (yeah, kasi may umaali aligid na little bears jan) the guy whom I was with over the weekend.

Let's also set things straight. We just met. Wala pa po akong boypren.

I thought it was yet another casual encounter and then the convo sidetracked a bit and I told him of my blog. He's a bit worried I might expose him though. Hmmmm... not really. I only write about my experiences with people, I don't write about who they are and what they do (hmmm... maybe my ex Mark would be an exception but then how can I further illustrate he's a jerk? LOL).

10. Aug. 2011 - 12:04

Tristan: hi there
Seth: hi welcome to PR :) you're new 
Tristan: 2 weeks new. hahha you got nice ass. do you share facepic? 
Seth: here ya go
Tristan: and youre also cute.  so where do i sign up? lol 
Seth: sign up for what? LOL
Tristan: sa puso mo. syet ang korni. hahaha 
Seth: hahahah eh kala ko ba for recreational ka lang? LOL kidding. you're angel cute really 
Tristan:  yeah, I think im still not over The Ex, so it would be futile if I jump to another relationship, so im drowning myself with pleasures of singlehood. whats your story? and thanks 
Seth: my story? LOL i even blogged about it. pretty much on the same boat as you are, just managed to survive the first year "anniversary"       
now, im just confused LOL 
Tristan: wow, interesting read. i promise to read this but my work starts in 2 hours. hope to meet you sometime *wink 

...and so we met over the weekend. I was on time. I met his friends, we drove around helplessly but finally arrived in our destination. Tiring. We shared a tent to ourselves and when he finally lied next to me, I gave up the Mariah Clarey drama and reached out to hug him. No, no groping here. We woke up around 3am finally the skies have cleared and optimal for the Perseid watching.

I saw 23 within an hour and 3 of which we saw together.


so why the heck am I binge eating at 1am!? 

Well apparently, he was serious about "drowning on the pleasures of singlehood". One of the guys I met by some magical coincidence messaged him and asked him out for a menage a trois... and guess who's the awesome bottom dude!?


Probably I was too wishful thinking on my part. I know the games especially on PR. Heck I can be an olympiad. 

But what if... 

...he could be different 
... maybe I could change?


Thanks to Alter, for reminding me, to look for love at the right places. Where ever that may be

OK... now to punish myself with as many jump squats with a 10kg plate.


  1. hmmm..let's meet later w/ a cup of coffee

  2. waaaah !!!! and i thought you were some matt i know (here i go again)

    kasi kasi kasi, last time i checked ako ang bff ni matt and he has a belly and he can't write gay lingo

    muntikan nako dun LOL

    but thanks for the offer ^^

    soy green tea latte akin

  3. the danger of being lonely is falling for the first person that shows you that you are not alone.

  4. Hmm kaya pala di ka na sumasagot kagabi after you said you were eating ice cream kasi you were writing this blog. Hehe.

  5. Sometimes we cannot help but try and look again, we hope it can be, we hope it will be.