Monday, August 15, 2011

Better than last year

Facebook. Last year.

Seth* is relearning the Art of Letting Go ^^
August 14, 2010 at 8:58pm

Els -- music please...

Seth -- Actually, it has just been played on the radio LOL Emo na naman ako, sencia, let me grieve just one more time........

Els -- naka ilang one more time ka na??

Seth -- akala ko kasi parang leaves ito, may points per month, consumable

Els -- ang hirap kasi mung revenge na part. kadalasan you also hurt yourself in the process

Seth -- I had my revenge na... Now Im putting myself back together

‎"Bulong ng isip wag kang pakawalan
Ngunit puso ko ay kailangan kang iwan"

Shiyeeeeet lang.

Els -- put away the pictures. put away the memories.... hehehe

Quiz -- hugs friend.. hugs...


Seth* met someone special to share the moon and the stars with ^^ Happiness.

I wasn't expecting to meet you... but I'm glad you're here.


  1. naks! ang tamis! alagaan niyo ang isa't isa :D

  2. I hope he takes good care of you seth.. the pain you went through definitely made you vulnerable and outright defensive hehe

    You deserve to be loved. Sana sya na nga ^_^

    ingats kaw palagi, seth.