Monday, August 22, 2011

Shake it off


nagtext na ako ng "imy"
tumitig na sa grad pic niya at kinilig ng slight
nagbacktrack na sa FB wall posts niya from the present date till May


Ako na ang obsessed/stalker/friiiik !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May development ba? Hmmm, wala. LOL

I try to control myself not to overwhelm the guy too much. Mejo ramdam ko naman na may wall pa between us. But the thing is... I personally realized naman I'm not in love with Tristan, and I'm just infatuated with him.

Napaisip ako dun sa comment ni Lanchie: "the danger of being lonely is falling for the first person that shows you that you are not alone."

After several drinks, soy green tea latte, 1 10" NY finest, at Charlie Chan pasta.

I'm finally shaking it off.

It was a nice weekend. Probably one of the most memorable. I wouldn't know what it meant for him other than an out of town trip. I just had fun ^^

The guy is pretty much a complete package. Tall, smart, handsome, funny, great kisser! But is was just a nice weekend. Not something that would probably predict the rest of our lives.

I met more friends through him, I think that's good enough ^^

Friends. That might be the best we could be. (CHING! Showbiz answer lang ^^)

*chapter closed*