Friday, April 18, 2014


While I have written about my sexcapades and guys whom I had terrible dates with and I also wrote about David who was the second love of my life... every now and then I tend to obsess about a few souls who crossed my path and I wonder what had happened to them?

TJ for instance. I can't even recall how his name was spelled and Facebook wasn't much of help at all. I tried : Teejay, T.J. , TJ, Timothy James, Timothy John. Punyeta lang.

I even reached out to old childhood friends who still lived in our old neighborhood but none of them except me seemed to even recall who TJ was. So what was so fucking special about this guy anyway?

Well, it all started when I was 10 I think. I had been the master of manipulation ever since and when I'm bored, I call the shots, make up the rules of the game. This time, we were going to "shoot" a film. Snow White.

It was me, TJ and a tomboyish girl who would refuse to play princess. Of course, I knew from the very start she'd be against the idea, so I had to give in, and TJ being this crazy funny guy agreed to be the prince.

Fast forward to the most important scene of the story, I just wanted to know how it felt like to kiss a boy? I haven't even gone as far as torrid kissing, but after being smothered in soaps and chick flicks I was determined to end my curiosity.

We were giggling about it at first. My prince a little hesistant on what he was about to commit to. But he did it anyway. It was gentle, no tongue, eyes closed. We both jumped from our makeshift bed and I ran home smiling. I kinda liked it.

The next day was the weird part.

TJ came over at my house with a naughty smirk on his face.

"Seth, about last night... can we do it again?"

Kill. Me. Now.

I can't recall how I reacted but I must've dismissed the idea. Besides, we were 10. I don't think I even had an erection then?

So now, I can't find TJ at all. 

I kept thinking. What does he look like now? Did he turn out to be straight?

I don't know. Soon, maybe soon. I'll again end that curiosity once I visit their old place.


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    1. i wouldn't know. di ko pa naisip manghipo noon mejo wholesome pa ako hahaha