Monday, April 21, 2014

Been there. Did him.

I'm not really sure what the deal is but I can't seem to get comfortable enough when Joms speaks of his past fucks.

We certainly do it often, about 3x a week, now that my usual health has returned and all that.

Whenever we're together and suddenly he'd point out that the guy he used to fuck lived on that area, or when a common friend seemed to have met the same guy and described him exactly as he recalls it.

Is this reminiscing or what?

He tells me "I'm just making you aware... aware of what exactly?"

Earlier we were in a badminton court, he joined a birthday party/tournament and met up some old friends. He played while I was in a corner with my books. Not really interested in sweating more than whats necessary in an already scorching weather.

"Ayy thats Emma ... he used to ...." while pointing out to this short dude with somewhat a dry husky voice.

At the back of my head, I'm trying to understand... "Do I really need to know that?".

Is this some sort of an insinuation perhaps since I did start to gain some weight recently?

Do I really need to see the face of the person behind the story?

Not to mention I scrubbed the walls a few months ago because I found it unsightly to see my handprints on the wall during the time I was christening almost every single corner of my condo and so much more.

It feels like competition. But why do I need to compete for something I already own to begin with?

I don't know. Maybe I'd figure it out soon.

Or should I go into the juicy details every time I recall a past tryst.

But that could be pretty dangerous since I tend to indulge in group fun then.

Oh boy.


  1. my bf would love to hear my past sexcapades only to be used against me in the near future in the form of a joke. he'd say how flirt i used to be or how bottoms would come back because i was so great in bed. haha.
    he really doesn't get jealous because he is so confident that i am madly in-luuuv with him.
    i wish i could tell you his intentions but i have no clue.
    and my dear friend, there really is no competition between you and other guys. you need to compete with yourself. we need to keep ourselves in good shape to keep our man.
    gosh i miss doing this. sorry for being wordy.

    1. hahahah thanks and yes, you were awesome in bed. LOL.

      im sure you were also responsible for several of the handprints on the walls LOL

  2. those were really good times.
    i guess you need to read between his lines whenever he would tell you about "this guy" or "this place" because there are times when he wouldn't really mean anything. you know, para may masabi lang o mapagusapan lang.
    take no offense because we both know you are a great catch.

  3. what's important is now
    he's with you and you guys love each other

    ako din naman, I get this burning sensation in my chest when we talk about his past, pero naisip ko... sino ba ang kasama niya now? sino ba ung pinakilala niya sa mga kapatid at nanay niya? sino ba ung nakasama nyo for over a year na?


    1. sabagay. or. i can always top off what they used to do before. mas creative and daring kaya ako! LOL

    2. Are you complaining??
      e, you've been reading my blog way before we started dating! so you've been reading about my past, how come you're having this "burning sensation"? aber!?

    3. di naman yata? sabi din naman nya what's important is now :) iba naman kasi yung noon na binabasa mo lang yung kwento ng iba sa ngayun parte na talaga siya ng buhay mo

  4. Maybe you could give him a dose of his own medicine and see how he'd feel. If he doesn't seem awkward listening to you talking about your past sexcapades, maybe he's really just the type who shares too much. If so, then just talk to him tell him it makes you uncomfortable :)

    1. im afraid na baka tigasan ako when i reminisce LOL i used to be a lot wilder then

  5. We're opposites! I'm the one pestering my partner to tell me stories about his past experiences in bed. I'm THAT curious since my status as the ever virgin has not yet changed.

    1. ganyan din ako noon sa Ex kong si Mark since he was older and more experienced than I was. I wanted to know where he's been. Turns out he still fooled around even during the time we were together. Oh well. I was trained well :)

  6. Maybe... just maybe..... he wants to boost his ego. Lam mo yun, yung parang sa mga straight na nagpapayabangan. Anyway, maybe lang naman but for me I would take it as a sweet gesture kasi he's telling me everything meaning he's being completely transparent to me. that's him giving you assurance and all :)

    1. that's one way to look at it :) hindi naman siya nawawalan ng gana sa akin heheheh