Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Best Greeting

Donut was my first puppy in my life. He was given to me as a gift for I was so eager to have someone waiting for me at home. The garden eventually withered and died. Plants seem nice but can never be affectionate. Donut died from the Parvo virus after 2 months, it was far too late when we took him to the vet. On my birthday, I received multiple greetings online and through text.  What truly left an impression was when I woke up crying because I dreamed of my puppy and we played fetch and cuddled again.

Thank you for stopping by little friend.


  1. how sad
    im sure that cute little puppy was on heaven and at peace now

  2. it must have been really sad. we also have a pet dog at home, and we all have grown attached to him..

  3. aww it's always nice to get unconditional love from our pets.

  4. So sad.
    On a side note, you posted a facepic (albeit, sideways)