Saturday, August 9, 2014

Star Crossed

There was this couple whom I once looked up to but I never really found out what happened to them afterwards. As with many same sex couples (especially guys), reaching an anniversary alone would mean a huge accomplishment. Such is the story of DB and JV.

Circa 2000, they were pretty much celebrities on PR and Manjam.

DB then was one of the elite and most sought after profiles online. He's got average height, an angelic face, fair skin, and a rockin' body. His photos always flaunted that smirk and his biceps. These are the kinds of guys that no mere Cubao power bottom could conquer. JV on the other hand, is equally attractive but much taller, a rather animated face, moreno skin that goes with an average bod. I used to message him but never received any response. 

I never got to meet either of them until one lucky night at the bath house...