Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Answer : Email Fan Question (PART 1)

Dear M,

Little did I know that a lot of my fellow bloggers out there are having the same predicament as you are when it comes to being bottom.

Before we begin, kindly set aside the idea of being "power" bottom because that entails much more skill and endurance. Our main objective for now is for you to be able to enjoy being bottom as cleanly and safely as possible.

*drum roll*

#1. Cleaning Up

The most classic fear of a bottom is ... messing up. Believe me for the first few attempts that does tend to happen, so it would be best if you have a very patient and understanding partner who can help ease the embarrassment. :)

I think what you're trying to do is an enema to flush your intestines. I really don't recommend that for beginners at all. The insertion of the syringe which has a small and sharp edge, can actually puncture the delicate lining inside. In addition, too much water and/or pressure can also cause it to rupture and bleed. Seek professional help, before attempting to do this on your own. (Nurses, anyone?)

I actually go for a more natural approach. DIET. The body has it's own way of cleaning itself. Back then, before I engage in my sexual binges (scheduled of course) I make it a point to eat nothing but fruits and vegetables for two to three days. The leafier and the more fiber the better.


Unlike meat which digests longer and has a foul smelling odor, fiber doesn't stay inside the body longer than a day. Not only will you be getting more nutrients, you'd also be avoiding constipation and hemorrhoids which doesn't really bode well in the bedroom?

Keep the diet for two to three days and you'll be squeaky clean in no time!

#2. Know your anatomy

 The anus, technically, is not designed for penetration. The sphincter or that muscle that acts as the seal that opens and closes, specifically opens outward only. 

Any foreign object regardless of size WILL CAUSE PAIN.

So how do you train your bum to open up?

Answer: Breathing and Lubrication

Okay, so you followed the diet. Check.

It would also be best to get enough foreplay to warm up your body and the anticipation down below would help you relax a bit.

Line the bed with a towel, lie on your back, ask your partner to don a glove or condom on his index finger. (make sure he trimmed his nails !!!) 

Breathe using pursed lips. Breathe through your nose, exhale through the mouth as if blowing bubbles. It helps you focus and relax.

Compared to the vagina, the anus doesn't have dedicated glands to produce lubrication. Use commercially prepared water based lubrication or spit (kinda kinky when a guy spits on it for me? I dunno, sounds nasty it turns me on. *hihi*) Soap, lotion, oils, tend to irritate the colon. 

Take it slowly but surely. Insert an inch, take your time to breathe, when you're comfortable, take two. Once inside, his finger can also do a circling motion. Imagine drawing a circle with your finger alone. The massage also helps the sphincter relax.  :) 

Once you're comfortable with one finger, try two fingers, with the same step above this. He can take his time inside and stimulate you further with gentle prostatic massage as well. From the photo above, you can see it is easily palpable from the outside and it feels like an avocado seed.

Keyword: GENTLE. I once dated someone who pressed my insides as if I'm an ATM machine. That hurts.

Finger fucking should be in screw like motion. Circular movements help the colon relax.

PART 2 ... to be continued


  1. Why does it sound complicated?! Huhu. At daliri pa lang yan ah. Lol.

    1. di naman. in time and familiarity iisa na lang ang command jan and all will fall into place



  2. Thanks. The diet part is hard to follow since I follow the high protein diet with meat as its main source.

    And nice of you to include a pic. :)

    1. visual learner ako eh :D

    2. yeah but why spend extra when fruits and veggies are much healthier and cheaper :) the fiber is just a bonus really

  3. Thanks for this Seth. Very informative. Di ako nagkamali na i-refer siya sayo. *wink*

  4. I guess its not enough na si bottom lang ang may lecture.. above everything else, si Top ang may pinaka maraming patience and efforts. He should know how to relax his partner, wait for the right time, do things to make his partner relax and comfortable and not just to let his disco stick in and pound fucking idiot tops!

    Well, what I'm trying to say is---this is a team effort. hindi lahat mangagaling kay bottom lamang. Para sakin mas malaki ang parte ni top sa pagpapa relax kay bottom and yun naman ang goal eh ma relax si bottom para maipasok ang disco stick ni top.

    Para ang tong couples therapy. Both of you should attend the seminar. Haha!

    1. Apir!

      Kaso this is focused on the bottom alone. Know your body ba. Hirap din kasi minsan sa tops mashadong gigil basta butas at hindi sila lahat maingat sa totoo lang?

      Merong iba nga bibiglain without asking kung ready ka na ba

    2. Ay korek ka diyan. Mga selfish hayok sa sensation.

      I call them sensation whores. Charot!

  5. Good advice! I always had a hard time being a bottom. I more inclined to being a top.