Sunday, August 4, 2013

This trumps Selfies ANYTIME.

Chrew. Di nga nagtagal ang kwento ng hiwalayang Billy Joe at Nikki.

Uso pa rin pala mga taong gumagawa ng sex vids? My gash, that is soooo 2005?

Excited pa mga tao noon sa megapixel ngayun pa na uso na HD at minimum na lang ang 3.5MP may pumapatol pa rin sa sex vids?

Teka, prayers? Para saan? 

In fairness, mukhang mas malaki naman titi ni Chito kesa kay Hayden?


  1. Di ko pa napapanood but I kind of pity them for what happened. In the first place, if the videos were of mutual consent, those two surely have reached the decision to make these videos private. I feel like they have been invaded. Those videos were not meant for the eyes of the public.

    Side note, some people may find making sex videos liberating. Don‘t get me wrong, I don‘t have one and I‘m not planning to, but some people get confidence from these stuff. Very much like selfies. Another form of positive affirmation.

    On a personal take, take caution when making these videos. Sex is mutual activity. If they have agreed to make a video, then exercise steps to make this private if intended to.

    Just my two cents. :)

  2. Trulali mga ati!

  3. di ako naawa sa dalawang yun kasi ginusto nila yun at enjoy na enjoy pa sila.

  4. Prayers for strength maybe?

    I agree with Ms. Lea. She said what's with this and everybody's talking about it? Nag trending pa for two days. It was just a private video of a couple na nag leak? Anu ngayon?

    I have seen the video (only because I was curious if it's true AND I wanna see Chito's *ehem* parts. Hihi!) but after that.. move on na. I did not download the video nor shared it to others.

  5. When I make one, I delete it right after. Wala naman kasing reason to keep sex videos of yourself, if you are doing it naman everyday. Plus, there are tons of porn material scattered out there on the web.

    But that's just me. ;)