Monday, August 26, 2013

Growing up with Fairy Tales

 I have noticed it for quite some time now and it was only minutes ago that I confirmed my observation: Disney Animation is closing the book on Fairy Tales.

According to several articles, this has been confirmed as early as 2010, with "Tangled" being the final installment.

So what was the change that brought this decision in the first place? (or am I the only one being saddened and nostalgic?). Apparently, the biggest reason is that girls no longer view princesses and getting married to be ideal. Girls are more interested “in being hot, and being cool.”

SO WHAT DOES THIS GOT TO DO WITH ME? I grew up in the 80s :)

As a kid, even when I reached my teens, I have always enjoyed:

having an accompanying song to the movie (and dreaming it will be played for me on a very special occasion)

looking forward to the ending that they will both happily ever after

the idea, that I too, will meet my prince charming.

How I long so hear more love stories. Stories of couples that may not be totally magical at first, but ended well eventually.

... or maybe it is about time I start sharing mine. :)

but for now, here's more girly shit : MY Princess Paraphernalia! bwahahaha!

Di ako nakipag agawan sa Minions. Di hamak na mas cute ito wala pa akong kaagaw?



  1. Ang landi mong bata huh. *hahaha* Disney princesses pala ang inspiration at kinalakihan mo noon. :P

    Ako kasi puro porno. LOL

    1. Ito ang sex education milestones ko:

      Grade 5, memorized ko na Anatomy ng reproductive system. Naintindihan ko na din ang fertilization. Hindi ko naisip itanung noon:

      paano nga ba magme-meet yung sperm at egg?
      bakit nga ba ganun ang design nila?

      Super turned on ako sa sex scene sa Jerry Maguire.

      16, natuto akong magjack off, pero yung first time ever di ko naman naenjoy kasi hindi ko sinabayan ng fantasy

      18, hindi na ako virgin.

      23-27 IM A SEX MACHINE!


    2. Ganyan dapat, proud na proud! :D

    3. sex machine? f^cks everything that moves? hehe

      my 23-27 likes cuddling more than sex *granpa level*

    4. Hindi naman. hahahaha. More of 2-3 encounters in a week na minsan up to 2 partners at a time hahahaha

  2. i still believe in fairy tales and happy endings (pun intended) lol

    wait, are you saying what I think you're saying? is seth settling down? :D

    1. LOL my fault. I chose not to write about it for the longest time. I have been committed for 18 mos now :)

    2. ayiiieeee! congrats!! shumoshowbiz ka ah na I wanna keep things private muna habang nagsisimula. hehe kaya ka siguro nagpahinga ng sandali sa blog. :)

    3. I'm curious of the lucky guy. :) Stay in love Seth. Be the Disney princess that you desire. *hihihi*

  3. Whoa! Di nga. Nagulat ako. Napaisip din ako kung may Disney Princesses pa na di pa naanimate ang Disney. Pero ang alam ko kung Fairy tale ang paguusapan, may upcoming movie pa ang Disney. Freeze ata o Frozen? Mukha namang maganda.

    At napaisip din ako sa picture na pinost mo. Si Rapunzel lang ba ang 3d rendered na Disney princess?

    Ah.. Mulan. Tiana. My favorites. :)

    1. Itinigil na yata nila yun. Wala na daw talaga princess chuva

    2. Ganun ba? Ay wait, ung character ba sa Brave considered as a Disney princess?

      Nakakalungkot ang news na ito.