Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I need more content

Is it just me or are we getting too bombarded with too much "sharing"?

Before, the only time I get to see pictures of food is when I view magazines and newspapers featuring a particular restaurant. Today, open your social website and you'll sure see what people ate/drank/half eaten/vomited throughout their day.

There was a time that if you wanted to share photos of your trip, you literally have to meet that person to view their albums. The time came when film slowly became obsolete and memory cards became the next big thing, people took photos only when the moment was truly special. Now in almost any angle, any moment, anywhere, any time, styled or not, ready or not, there are selfies everywhere?!

We have reached a pedestal wherein smartphones are aplenty and wifi has gotten so cheap already and we have this enormous amount of content we all wish to share. However, I am desperately needing for serious content. Until now, I really can't tell the difference between a chat log and a tweet especially when the latter I find to hard to catch up and read? Some users have already given up blogging altogether and decided to tweet it instead. Gone are the times when one really had to sit down and think and compose his thoughts not paying much attention to character usage. It feels to me that ideas have become volatile, I have to share it, it's out there, who cares what happens afterwards. 

In addition, it also came to a point where I see and hear of horrible things happening to the world that I can't do anything about. What does a like and a comment got to do with a praise/salute/ignore or whatever arbitrary value people tend to make on what they post at all?

I try my best to get back into books, focus into language, and perhaps find more fellow bloggers to follow and even websites with insightful articles and videos, very much worth paying attention to.


  1. Thus my following you. Haha. Cheers, mate.

    1. ahmishooo grey! magsulat ka na ulit! :D