Thursday, July 4, 2013


I consider myself a voracious reader. I may still be trying to catch up with the classical novels and a few iconic books in history but there are a couple of things that no matter how much I try to read and observe about, I couldn't seem to understand?

Music. Forget the fact that I could neither sing or play any instrument or even try to read notes if my life depended on it. Contrary to the common Filipino idea that a good singer is someone who not only can carry a tune, but someone who can almost mimic the original artist himself, I can appreciate an individual's own take or rendition of any piece. I am not familiar with terminologies related to voice quality, but when I hear someone sing, my only gauge is the question: "how did that song made me feel?". Shallow as it may seem, I can sense passion and talent through that. I apologize in advance but Boyce Avenue isn't that "awesome". Sure they sound good with a song or two, but after listening to a CD compilation for an hour, there isn't really no change in the pace, tone, or pitch althroughout? It gets even more predictable as to when the vocalist would be putting his sex face on the lyrics. I see the same trend with MYMP. OK, I did used to like them when Mark and I were dating way back in college and we saw them at a bar long before they became popular. Look where they are now? Juris, the sole member trying to make a name despite the number of anonymous talents we've been witnessing on TV.

For a change, I would like to learn how to appreciate opera. At face value, it hardly makes sense to me how a singer would belt out a piece whose lyrics seem unintelligible even though I'm guessing it could be Italian perhaps but most of the time I'm just hearing screams/screeching/something close to a horn being blown? What makes such an event so special people dress up fancily to watch a performance? I just don't get it and I haven't been able to find an online forum that dissects this in small pieces for me to chew.

Avante Garde Fashion. Every now and then, designers tend to introduce something new. They picture than men should be wearing lace shirts and underwear soon and children as young as 8 should start being comfortable in heeled shoes. Avante garde to me is just something bordering to a costume. It doesn't look very wearable or comfortable at all? 

Gourmet food. Well, I enjoy watching the chefs craft their masterpieces in as much as the judges describe the intricate taste with a sophisticated palate. How come most of the time the serving seems far too small on a large plate? :P

How I wish I have known more people who could perhaps walk me through into getting exposed to such disciplines. 

Like I said, I am yearning for more content in my life.

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  1. THe mainstream equivalent of opera is musicals. why don't you try that first? If you'll like Sweeney Todd: the demon barber of fleet street (not the movie), then you're built for opera.