Thursday, March 22, 2012

New tongue

One of the main reasons why I wish to get promoted is to finally have the time to squeeze in to study a new language. My English proficiency has allowed me to survive so far (aka getting employed) but as seen through my recent IELTS exam, I still have a lot to work on reading and writing (thus, le blog).

I have several friends though who are currently taking language classes, but I can't seem to put a finger as to which one I really want? There was a time I chose Chinese Mandarin for the sole purpose of business and not that hard to find someone to converse with? But as I did my Math, unless I really studied in a Chinese school, it would probably take me another lifetime to patch up reading, writing, and speaking all at the same time since they are offered as separate skills altogether (thus, making it more expensive).

Spanish seems practical? Closest we could probably have in our culture. I tried to mimic a couple of phrases... and I didn't fall in love with it. Mandarin, looked appropriate somehow to my chinky eyes. I could probably get away with it. Only that it sounded far too nasal for me to distinguish sounds at all?


I'm gonna try something else... 

With all my obsession with Lili, why not try French? :)

I already Googled as to where in Manila I could find authentic instructors that are somewhat affiliated by the French embassy.

... now I just have to earn the money?


  1. Mandarin?
    are you serious, dearest?!

  2. french is a beautiful language. our univ had some kind of a partnership with Alliance Fran├žaise de Manille and i think they were very effective. try mo maginquire.. :)

  3. Mandarin! Besides, 1/5 of the world's population is Chinese (I think I read that before). So it would be wiser for business/professional and even relational reasons. Just giving my thoughts.