Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fighting my Demons

Quiet, would be an understatement. I have been literally trying to live under a rock for the past few months trying to focus as much as I can in performing well at work and aiming for that promotion. I am finally regularized in the company, with an excellent scorecard and attendance for February, everything should be running smoothly now... me thinks.

I have also tried several things to unclutter my life. 

1. Trim down my Facebook friends; avoid all friends' dramas from showing on my wall; clear my inbox; and oh, I hate that Timeline thing that you can never revert back.

2. Deleted all gay profiles, even the dummy ones. Seriously. So 18k views in a year + 60 or so raunchy comments from guys I slept with... I think it's time to give up the crown.

3. I finally stopped hoarding clothes and plushies which only collect dust and molds in the room. Some of them, I haven't even taken out of the plastic. I already gave away 25% of the stuff in my closet to charities and relief operations. 

4. I finally stopped hoarding products (e.g facial washes, body washes, lotions) and actually used them. One at a time. I noticed my skin wasn't as moist as it used to be since I changed products almost on a daily basis.

5. I chose to maintain only two numbers, one of which is only for business, but the other I don't load as often as I used to. In addition, I won't be buying a new celfone anytime soon.

6. I stopped hoarding pens and noteboooks, and actually started writing on them? Perhaps the desk calendar was the best stationery I invested. I can see on a daily basis how much I have accomplished, what is the nearest date I should look forward to etc.

7. I stopped hoarding food. I only buy what I can finish within 2-3 days and I do try to eat healthier now. 

8. I clean up more often. My room is spotless on most days. Gone is the clutter of clothes on the floor (and I actually know now where to find my stuff)

9. I have practiced on keeping my mouth shut. Though I am still quite prone to sudden bursts due to stress, there is nothing more stressful than damage control over something you have said or done which wasn't well thought of...

10. I have started to love myself more...


  1. New beginnings...

    New life...

    New you.

  2. I can relate with you regarding uncluttering. I used to keep old shoes in my closet until I had accumulated two garbage bags full of shoes. I decided to only keep six pairs of shoes last year. Right now, I have about 8 pairs, so I am doing well.

    Every six months, I go through my closet and drawers and get rid of clothes that don't fit anymore or clothes I had not worn in six months. I send them all to charity and write them off on my taxes. ;-)

    It gives me a cathartic feeling every time I do this.