Sunday, February 14, 2016

Hear ye hear ye

WHAT : Well I was thinking of setting up a mini gathering for bloggers and readers (aka EB or eyeball; OMG uso pa ba yung term na yun ngayun?)

WHY : Nothing really close to saving the world but of all the bloggers I have subscribed to like I only get updates like every 3 or so months. (What has social media done to us!?)


WHERE : QC area. Maginhawa or Tomas Morato

WHO : I have asked Sepsep and Vic Saudad, both have expressed interest

Vic wants to bring along Mamon...

then why not invite as many people as we can! ^__________^

WHERE ULIT : I am considering a spacious venue with free flowing food and drinks (para isang bayad na lang and malakas naman talaga akong kumain)

What do you guys think?


  1. Sa Central tayo mag inuman haha :) If only I can go :)

  2. When kayo mag go? Please email me at :)

  3. Ay may ganitong post pala...kala ko private chat lang. Breach of confidentiality!


    Tuloy pa ba to?

    1. LOL di ko naman pinamigay contact info mo no?

      Mukhang mas kakailanganin ito soon may isa tayung friend na may pinagdadaanan (well ako rin naman)

    2. So push na ba ito this time?

      It seems we're all in a good time in our own lives naman. more reason to get together and tallk about life over dinner , don't you think? ;)

  4. Replies
    1. Hindi naganap. gusto nyo ba ituloy?

    2. Hindi rin. LOL. Pero magkausap kami ni Sepsep :)