Sunday, September 21, 2014

I see dead people (on Facebook)

I am quite ambivalent to this. 

There were several folks who died and their profiles are still active up to this point.

So what happens after you're gone? Does it serve like an online tombstone? The last remaining photos of you, your thoughts, your shared sentiments archived online?

Is this how we wish to be remembered?

When the time comes, I do hope that people speak of me because of the good I did back then.


  1. People tend to remember the good in us after we pass away. Why this thought, Seth?

  2. So far, for me, i haven't encountered dead people's profile on fb. Or is it because i am not too active in that site. But yeah, people remeber the good in uswhen were gone.

  3. on the good note, it would be a reprieve for us who are left behind.. from those annoying "friends" who constantly flood the news feed with their selfies shout-outs and what not if they

  4. I have a few. It gets creepy when their accounts sync on my phone and they show up in my contacts. Wag Lang siguro magmessage.

    I heard that in the US, may cyber will daw. Astig no?

  5. "They maybe dead already yet still has active account in facebook or any social site... it proves that death is not the end of human existence in this world... we will left footprints on this world... until the living and non-living cease to exist..."