Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wassup Seth?

Ang tagal ko din palang hindi nagsulat? hehehe. Ngayun na day off ko na at wala naman akong take home na trabaho, naisipan kong magsulat.

I was loving my job until recently, I had one major disappointment.

I work as a Quality Analyst for a BPO in Eastwood. I used to work in Makati but then I clashed with a Supervisor who was in a romantic relationship with the Manager and I opted to resign.

I thought I finally found a place where I could grow, where my initiatives would eventually be streamlined into a permanent process and I was pretty much doing that. I assumed higher level ad hocs and I given two major awards before my regularization.

Then an opening for a Senior QA was opened, and since it was "open to all" I assumed all the hard work I invested in months before would be taken into account. I was already performing the task long before the post opened and I have proven that I could do it. It would just seem practical to make it official and since it was open to all, tenure shouldn't have been an issue.

I knew I did well on the interview. I prepared for it.

But alas, it was all for formality as there were already people who were appointed and the interview process was just a facade.

Yes, I felt bitter. I cried. I was disappointed. I felt betrayed.

I spent so much time in the office and even in my sleep I kept thinking of work despite my rest days.

What I received shortly after the email announcement of the promotion, I was ought to be the POC of a certain division and share the ranks of the old and new Seniors.

WHAT THE FUCK. I would've felt honored if I hadn't applied, but I did so why should I assume a task for a position I wasn't "qualified" for? It felt like adding insult to injury.

So right now, I'm taking my sweet time doing the basic work.

In a few months I'll be earning a year of tenure.

I might consider switching companies, yet again.


  1. malaki ba chance of getting promoted in your current company? kasi if oo naman, baka it's best to stay a little bit longer

  2. parang malabo. the last time someone got promoted was 3 yrs ago. and ever since the people were never retrained for anything else. walang upskill or increase in competency. kahit yung mga senior minsan di nila maintindihan yung reports ko LOL

  3. There's always politics in every organization. Sadly, that's the truth.


  4. Hey, sa Eastwood ka lang pala eh. :)

    Walang growth sa company, sayang ang effort if ganyan, parang nakakawalang-gana. *tsk tsk*


  5. Did u ask feedback on your areas for improvement?

  6. Company politics.. tsk tsk tsk.. But if there is room to grow why not just stay :)

  7. I'm currently looking for a company to move into and I hope it will facilitate professional growth.

    Lipat na kapag walang growth. :)

  8. Same here, when I expressed my desire to move to another account because of lack professional growth, the my manager asked me to stay for another 6 months with a promise that they will make it happen for me. Half a year passed by and it never happened. When I tendered my 30 day notice yet again, they asked me to stay for another month or two. I realized they will never let me go. So I resign.