Sunday, December 8, 2013


For some reason suddenly I started to truly catch interest with musicals. 


I never truly appreciated it much since I got my own Art for Dummies interpreter - Joms ^^

and together we have seen through torrent downloads and youtube: (cheapskates! LOL)

Les Miserables - so there was a story behind the songs huh? Back then I only knew about "On my own" because of that Dawson's Creek episode

Hairspray - loved the dance too! There's a track in BodyCombat about "You can't stop the beat" and I always joined the airboxing because of it :D

Rent - I honestly appreciated the opening song only.


Miss Saigon

If I can save enough I want us to watch Wicked next year! :3


  1. Yay to Wicked. My favorite is Defying Gravity. I heard it because of Glee and got interested. We have the whole series of the books as well. :)

    1. omg i will watch wicked next yearrr! i can't wait. hihi

    2. Nice kalansay. I was not able to buy any tickets. Bummer. I hope magkarestaging. :)

    3. Kelan sched nyo Kalansay? :) Kami Feb8 ata

  2. I like Les Miserables, but I find it too classical for my taste. I love all its songs though.

    Sa Hairspray, I like the story. Natuwa din ako dun sa actor na nag-portray sa mother nung bida. *haha* Galing!

    Sa Rent, yung opening song lang din ang nagustuhan ko. I find the story too tragic.

    Sa Cats, yung Memory lang ang gusto ko. Though I am interested in seeing it someday.

    My most favorite is Miss Saigon. I'm a big fan of Leah Salonga. It's a shame I was born in 1990. Siguro kung adult na ko nung pinalabas dito ang Miss Saigon, malamang nanonood ako. *sigh*

    About sa Wicked, meron pa bang tickets? Balita ko mabilis naubos eh. Sana may makuha pa kayong good seats.

    Have you seen Legally Blonde The Musical? Gustong gusto ko yun. Meron non sa youtube. The whole show sa US, cut in multiple parts. Check it out. :)

    1. I like les miserables and my favorite is on my own. National anthem ata un ng mga nafriendzone. Heheheh

  3. hindi ko pa napanood ang cats at miss saigon.

    you will love filipino musicales too! :) sayang last run na nung weekend hung maxie the musicale na based sa film na ang pagdadalaga ni maximo oliveros!

    at next year ipapalabas ng peta ang ram of aegis featuring the songs of aegis! ang cool di ba? hehe

  4. I like some musicals: the sounds of music was cool.

  5. I hope you get to see Phantom of the Opera. It is a phenomenal musical. The music is sublime. It's a must see.

  6. Other good ones to watch out for are: Westside Story, Damn Yankees, Chicago, and The King and I.