Friday, September 20, 2013

Halfway there

I am turning 29 next month. On the 15th to be exact. While other people try to compensate and willfully deny their own mortality, I have managed to embrace it.

Back then, I used to squirm at the sight of old skin. I see them often on the streets. People grew darker, with spots on their faces, wrinkles, and the texture that either looked transparent or leathery plus the fact that it sags. For a year or so I became so overtly conscious about skin care. No matter how tired I was, I never went to bed without washing my face and applying my regimen. I spent for all of those products. I never went out without applying sunblock until the day I went back to Boracay and soaked up the sun! Now, I really don't care much about sunblock.

I love watching movies but there were a few I never really understood. There were some that I thought I liked, but can't recall as to why. Thank God for torrents, I was able to select as many titles as I wanted! Some movies I was able to appreciate more, some didn't really make sense at all, some I can't even figured why I was scared or shocked or even mystified at all.

I used to pity myself for being alone, for not being popular, not having many friends or gifts during holidays. I used to feel so unworthy someone will like me at all. Then came a time I could hardly be alone, surrounded by so many people and I could pretty much get almost any guy I fancied. I'm still not getting that many gifts though? heheheh

I became in love. Maybe I thought I did. I finally got to experience things that couples do and share, fun happy orgasmic and sometimes heart break. My mother used to tell me not to be too happy, for time will come I'd be extremely sad as well. Promises made, promises broken. Lies. Too many lies it's quite hard to tell anymore which one was real?

Then, slowly but surely, everything slowly falls into place. 

I didn't really need that many pairs of shoes or shirts. Just a few nice ones.

Buying gifts and spending on people is better than receiving yourself.

Dogs will always give you their heart no matter what. Hungry, hurt, or thirsty, your attention will be their sole fulfillment.

Laugh daily.

Love will always find you when you least expect it. 

I haven't made a fortune. I have yet to travel to Europe. I have yet to perform on my own stage!

I will continue to sing even if it's good enough just for my own hearing :)

You never really know how much time you have left. But the moment you realize and appreciate what you have, and feel gratitude...

Heaven is near. You're halfway there.


PS. I am willing to accept gifts pa rin ha? LOL


  1. Pwede bang isa na lang ang birthday gift atsaka xmas gift? *hahaha*

    This is a good read. Sakto, bago matulog. Pampa-good vibes. :)

    1. glad to hear i managed to share my good vibes :)

  2. Replies
    1. yep :) alam mo ba before hindi ako natuwa (as if naman may magagawa ako?) kasi yung ibang zodiac tao or animals sa akin inanimate object LOL

  3. Replies
    1. *hahahahaha* This made my morning!

      Anon, hindi po nangre-rape si Seth. Gusto po niya ay siya ang ginagahasa. :P

    2. oo nga eh, ewan ko ba jan. hinayaan ko na rin.

  4. the best things in life are still to come.

  5. First off, thanks for reading my blog entry. I've been reading your blog for quite some time. I'm just too shy to write a comment haha.

    I could totally relate to this entry. We're in the same age group. And, I've experienced most, if not all, of what you wrote here (I don't normally get the guys I fancy lol).

    Yeah, I believe so, too, that one day, everything will just fall into place. Hope to see you on stage in the near future! ;)

    1. ipopost ko schedule ng performance ko in time hahahaha


  6. Epiphany. When I was your age, I had the same issue too. 3 years later, I just laugh every time I remember my mortality.

    1. basta i am to be happy and fabulous! hahaha

  7. happy birthday!

    well siguro kapag talaga nadadagdagan ang edad mas nagiging kuntento tayo sa mga bagay bagay.

    nice read. :)

  8. advance HPD...ewan ko ba kung bakit naimbento ang anti ageing...i think it is something wonderful....parang bitin yung comment ko pero hayaan na heheheh

  9. Advance Happy Birthday :) That's a nice way of embracing getting old - since it is inevitable, it's best to just embrace it. Getting old means you're alive, so it's always a good thing :)