Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Journey: Buying a TV

I already work for a tech account where one of the integrated services is TV. Ironically, I had to resolve TV issues then when I really had no interest in watching TV at home and not even keen on owning one, until recently.

No. I haven't changed my mind about the news and noontime shows and soaps. I use it primarily for watching movies, when my small laptop screen is straining my neck already.

So the journey begins in selecting the TV. LED? LCD? Smart TV? 1080P? Full HD? HD ready etc. Someone would expect of me that I should be more than aware what these things stand for, not until you're confronted with the choice of picking one, lest paying for one and bringing it home to enjoy for the years to come. What actually triggered my interest was the possibility of owning my own game console so that I can play Tekken internationally at the comfort of my own couch, cool huh?

The jargons didn't really swallow me whole. What was really upsetting was the service I was receiving while I was shopping for a TV. I've been around Ortigas and Cubao, been to several stores: Automatic, Western, Abenson, to name a few. The first thing a salesman offers would always be the largest, most expensive one. Not interested. He would try to show how awesome it is hwo much he'd memorize the brochure, but when you start asking about differences in features for certain models, that's when he starts scratching his head. Two models would have fairly different picture quality, unless you bring your own sample video to actually test it yourself. After the quick, often empty pitch, once I inform them "I only have a ceiling of 20k and I want to have the largest screen possible". Most of them would frown, or would rather walk away, perhaps to be polite.

I would be left alone to tinker with the back, getting little or no responses or assistance once they have already tagged you "cheap".

So, some stores have handsome salespeople. That's the end of it. Ask them to compare models, you might have wished you've just asked them to smile and not utter a word.

I was hesistant at first to purchase from a Department Store, especially SM, thinking it would probably cost me more compared to these stores. My experience was so much better. I started checking Sony and Samsung, however, with the budget I have I was aiming for something between 27-32 inches as much as possible. I was told that it would be ambitious with my budget but I might be willing to settle with a less premium brand but with equal quality. The salesman was awesome! He even showed me the difference between an HD ready and a Full HD model. There really is no significant difference, all relies on the input or resolution of the video itself, it will deliver the same picture quality. I chose something that can play USB and has as many ports possible. End of day, I got myself a ChangHong 27" slim border HD Ready TV with a free wall mount and a free adapter so that I could attach my 3.5mm speakers to go with it.... all for just 13k!? 

I was happy and contented with my purchase and no longer do I need to strain my neck trying to watch in a 19" laptop. I am pleased with the service I received and glad I made the right decision!

Tekken here I come!

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